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The Key to Relief from Type 2 Diabetes

Relief from Type 2 Diabetes

All your type 2 diabetes treatment is focused on the deeper levels of your type 2 diabetes disease process. We look past your symptoms, like your high blood sugar and your high A1C, which are just symptoms, to the deeper levels of your type 2 diabetes with your endocrine system, organ systems and cellular and insulin dysfunctions where your type 2 diabetes disease itself is being caused or created in your body.

Insulin Resistance and Your Type 2 Diabetes

Your diabetes prescription pills and your type 2 diabetes insulin shots are only designed to temporarily reduce one type 2 diabetes symptom, namely high-blood-sugar, without any focus on treating or correcting the deeper, real causes of your type 2 diabetes or the disease process of your type 2 diabetes. That is not the answer to real relief. This is key with your diabetes, as insulin resistance is the primary problem in your type 2 diabetes. Your reason why you are insulin resistance and have diabetes is not the same as anyone else. With your type 2 diabetes, it is most likely that your body is not lacking the hormone Insulin. With your type 2 diabetes your body is lacking the ability to use Insulin. That is being insulin resistant.

Your Type 2 Diabetes Problem is Really Insulin Resistance

Basically, with your type 2 diabetes this means your body, even at its cellular level, has lost its ability to use your insulin correctly, even the insulin your own pancreas is making for you. Insulin is the key that opens the door for glucose to enter into the cell. That is our normal metabolic activity. When you cells dysfunction and do not recognize your insulin, glucose cannot get into the cell and thus stays in the blood system producing high blood glucose.

Your Type 2 Diabetes Is a Cellular Problem Usually Not a Pancreas Problem

With your type 2 diabetes, it is your cells that are in dysfunction, your cells have become desensitized to insulin, your cells ignore insulin, unable to properly use insulin, and you are then labeled, diabetes insulin resistant. Most likely, with your type 2 diabetes, you do not lack Insulin. Your type 2 diabetes Insulin Resistant does not mean you do not have enough insulin. It simply means that your cells will not function properly, at this point. With your diabetes it is a cellular problem, not a pancreas or insulin problem with nearly all your type 2 diabetes patients.

With your type 2 diabetes, your cells are desensitized and lack the ability to utilize your Insulin. We offer a completely different program to caring for your type 2 diabetes and improving your type 2 diabetes by determining why your body is not working acceptably, even at the cellular level and why you are diabetes insulin resistant.

Our type 2 diabetes program for you, and your diabetes program, are based on the latest scientific and most advanced type 2 diabetes labs and our clinical and nutritional type 2 diabetes program possible. Which type 2 diabetes program will work the best for you, particularly in light of the important variances in your type 2 diabetes results you have seen? Give us a call to make an appointment to see what your options are with Dr. Miller.