About Us

The Team at True Health Solutions.

Dr. Mark Miller, Director.

Mark Miller

Remember this; The primary problem is the unhealthy environment in your body that’s producing the disease process and its symptoms.
Law of Cause & Effect
The truth is the surest and quickest way to find the magic of good health is by eliminating your causes of your poor health!
“That’s what True Health Solutions is all about!”
says Dr. Miller, a doctor since 1980.
Dr. Miller’s background is in numerous specialties of Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Chiropractic, Bio-Frequence Medicine (PEMF, RIFE/CLARK, and MEDBED frequencies), and patient education programs so you have a permanent record of your victory.
He opened his first clinic in Oakland, CA, 1980.
Dr. Miller practiced in the San Francisco Bay Area 31 years, opening 4 clinics.
In 2011, he relocated to Lexington, Ky. opening his 5th clinical facility.
“True Health Solutions is about revealing the secrets and the short-cuts to restoring His Grace of good health & educating so you know how to get well and stay well.”  Dr. Miller.

Holley, Office Manager & Nutrition/Certified in Naturopathy.


Holley has over 15 years’ experience in nutrition and health care management, 2 Masters degrees, and a Veteran of the U.S. Army.

“I meet with each of our patients and take a very personal approach to one’s nutritional needs.
Each patient is presented with a nutritional program showing exactly what to do, what not to do, and specific steps laid out on their path to restoring their good health.
This is the most comprehensive and scientific approach to truly restoring good health I have ever seen!”
“I look forward to meeting and assisting you in restoring your good health and sharing some secrets and short cuts for long-term success.”    Holley.

Harold, Certified as a Bio-Frequencies Tech.


Harold has been associated with True Health Solutions since 2021, first as a patient with severe Neuropathy and Type II Diabetes, taking 17 medical pills daily to just mask the symptoms.  Addressing the Causes of poor health, he walked away from Type II Diabetes, Neuropathy and Obesity, and got off 17 daily drugs, to zero!

Harold, who has extensive corporate experience in the construction/building trades and Lowes in national leadership position, was shocked at the difference of treating Causes versus just masking symptoms.

Harold says, “I was drawn to these scientific treatment methods like it is my new mission in life after retiring a couple of times from the corporate world. I feel blessed seeing the overwhelming successes our patients are getting. It’s so impressive!”
Harold grew up in Eastern Kentucky and he and his family have resided in the Lexington – Nicholasville area from 1988, for over 35 years.    Harold.