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You can reverse diabetes without medication.

 markmiller-newIn clinical practice assisting individuals with Poor Health & Type 2 Diabetes, I continue to witness first hand the amazing, positive effects that correcting the underlying Poor Health metabolic and neurological dysfunctions has on the body. It is absolutely true, “Poor Health can be due to an underlying condition not properly diagnosed and thus not properly treated. Poor Health & Type 2 Diabetes can be reversible and correctable.” — Dr. Mark Miller, Treating Doctor  

Most diseases are treated with medication, which are nearly always designed to just suppress symptoms and are not intended or designed to address the cause. Long-term, sustainable results in the treatment of Poor Health, are best available when the root causes of the Poor Health and the disease process are corrected. At True Health Solutions, 100% of our treatment is focused on the deeper, underlying causes of Poor Health and the disease process itself.

How we are different.

First, our patients receive Comprehensive Blood Lab Panel to measure the A1C and blood glucose levels, as well as numerous additional underlying metabolic dysfunctions associated with Poor Health and what is causing the spikes in blood sugar and the A1C.

Then: A specific individualized program designed to address their Poor Health is initiated. This includes: Nutrition, Dietary Improvements, Neurologic Corrective Procedures, Spinal Therapy and a “Life-Style Improvements Program” is provided.

Then, following care, all of our patients have follow-up Blood Labs to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of our Program of  Care.

All of our treatments for Poor Health are focused on the deeper levels of the disease process, looking past the symptoms, to the deeper levels of the endocrine system, organ systems, and cellular/insulin dysfunctions where the Poor Health itself is being caused or created in your body.

Type II Diabetes Prescription pills and insulin shots are only designed to temporarily reduce a single symptom (high blood sugar), without any focus on treating or correcting the deeper causes of Poor Health or the disease process.

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The KEY: All of our Poor Health treatment is focused on the deeper levels of the disease process, looking past the symptoms (high blood sugar and high A1C are just symptoms) to the deeper levels of Poor Health at the endocrine system, organ systems and cellular/insulin dysfunctions where the disease itself is being caused or created in your body. 

Dr. Mark Miller, Clinic Director & Health Care Consultant. Developer of the ‘True Health Solutions Method of Healing & Health.’ “The Body Performs Miracles When Functioning Correctly. Poor Health is a disorder in the body that is caused by neurological and metabolic dysfunctions or disorders. Unless the Poor Health metabolic dysfunctions are identified via lab-work profiles, and the Poor Health neurological disturbances are identified using neurological testing, the treating physician will not be properly equipped to address Poor Health at its root, fundamental levels. Correcting Poor Health at the root levels is where the magic is.. and only at this level is the real magic found with correcting Poor Health”  Dr. Miller has assisted well over 17,000 people regain their health.

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