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There is a Treatment Program for Hypothyroid Symptoms that Really Works

Treatment Program for Hypothyroid Symptoms

If you suffer from an inability to lose weight with hypothyroid, even after you are adhering to a low calorie diet while exercising and, with hypothyroid if you suffer from unstable emotions, fatigue, have a foggy brain, issues with your memory, are constipated, get hot flashes, have hair loss, are depressed and are constantly feeling cold, you may have a hypothyroid. Women with hypothyroid are not being correctly diagnosed and treated for this disease consistently in this country but there is hope in the way of a treatment program for hypothyroid.

With hypothyroid symptoms, If your lab results come back looking much better even though your hypothyroid symptoms are not improving or getting worse, which makes no sense, you may be stuck in a vortex of incorrect treatment for hypothyroid. With hypothyroid symptoms, Do you feel awful and unhappy when you look in the mirror and yet your medical doctor sees improvement? With hypothyroid symptoms, Does it boggle your mind that things could be so weird with your health? With hypothyroid, Does your hormone treatment keep being changed and tweaked with this hormone going up and this one down and yet you just do not feel any better, regardless? With hypothyroid symptoms, Do you hate to get on a scale or dread trying to figure out what to wear and just do not know what to do with your hair as it is getting so thin. And you do not even want to think about your eyelashes?  All because of hypothyroid!

It is awful to keep going through this with no relief in sight. And to say nothing about the out of pocket cost for hormone replacement creams and troches and bio-identical hormone replacement this and that and not touching anything with the fingers you rub it in with.

The whole process is so unsatisfactory it gives you additional stress. Where is the answer that really works and works well for you? Entirely satisfied patients of Dr. Miller at True Health Solutions of Lexington, have a lot to say on this subject.

One patient said she was weighing nearly 200 pounds at the time she first began visiting Dr. Miller. She said he paid attention to her list of symptoms; he then ran specific laboratory tests on her and began a specific treatment program for her. In less than two weeks she felt much better, had new energy, and began to see optimistic results. She has now lost well over 50 pounds and is feeling very healthy, youthful and vibrant. While she tried all kinds of other treatments before visiting Dr. Miller, without getting acceptable results, she is quite pleased to advocate Dr. Miller now.

Another patient who comes in from Louisville, Ky says ever since she started with Dr. Miller, she has lost over 23 lbs and has considerably more energy, although she had been under the care of an MD for over 7 years. She has referred several others from Louisville, Ky as she says.. “Louisville, It’s only about an hour drive to have my life saved!”

And others coming from Louisville Ky  are all to happy to be able to find a doctor who can reverse the disease processes of poor health from hypothyroid and expressing the same thing.. “Louisville, It’s not to far to drive for this life changing and life saving care!”

Other patients frequently drive not only from Louisville Kentucky, but from all over the Louisville Kentucky area, all of which are only about an hour to two away too. As so many of our patients say.. “Louisville or anywhere in Kentucky, it’s not to far to have my life saved!”

As soon as you get the proper hypothyroid treatment diagnosis and initiate the proper treatment program for your disease, or issue you will be able to see speedy results. With no need to keep on suffering while the answer to your symptoms might be an effortless phone call. No one needs to continue to go through all this trouble if they have any of the above mentioned hypothyroid symptoms.

Scientifically based hypothyroid treatment

Extraordinary Hypothyroid treatment results.

Feel free to call and make an appointment for a chiropractic care talk with Dr. Miller, at 859.223.2233. And be sure to share this chiropractic care information with everyone else you believe may be suffering any of the symptoms discussed above.

A healthy and  happier life might only be a phone call away from hypothyroid problems.