Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

From Patients Who Have Received Our Care for: Type II Diabetes, Neuropathy, Hypo-Thyroid, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Hypertension, IBS and Whiplash-Injury or Pain-Relief Care:

All of our treatment is focused on the deeper levels of the Poor Health disease process, the deeper levels where the disease or pain itself is being caused or created in your body. Prescription pills and shots are only designed to temporarily reduce symptoms without any focus on the deeper causes of disease or pain.  Long-term, sustainable results can be available when the causes of disease and pain are corrected. 100% of our treatment, DOES NOT include medical drugs / medications / shots / injections or medical pills and potions.

Our Patients Speak.

See What Our Patients Have to Say:


Type II Diabetes:   “I highly recommend Dr. Miller’s care.  I suffered over 13 years.  I was on insulin shots and an insulin pump, pumping insulin into me every hour!  Just 8 weeks of Dr. Miller’s care, my MD took me off the insulin pump I was on for over 5 years! My A1c was 10.2 and now it’s 6.6.  Dr. Miller’s program is just amazing!   Karen E.  Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.


Overweight & Type II Diabetes:   “After just 16 days with Dr. Miller, I returned to my MD who took me off diabetes pills he had me on for over 15 years! Now, I’ve lost 34 lbs without exercise and my blood sugar is 98, off all medications!”    Gerald G.   Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

Carolyn-Snipp-150x150Type II Diabetes:   ”I started with Dr. Miller and after just 8 weeks  my AIC had dropped from 8.5 to just 6.5!   My last blood test showed 6.2!    My blood sugar continues to drop, I’m getting off the pills, I have more energy and I’ve started my walking exercise again! I would highly recommend Dr. Miller’s program for others.”   Dr. Carolyn S, DMD.   Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

Charity-150x150Overweight & Type II Diabetes:   “I highly recommend Dr. Miller. I lost over 35 lbs, without exercise!  The lowest I’ve weighted in over 32 years!  Even my dizzy spells are gone!”  My blood sugar was 179, now it ranges 90-108 and my blood pressure is now normal!    I’m off all diabetes medications and blood pressure medications.    Charity G.    Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.


Type II Diabetes:   “Dr. Miller’s program is unbelievable!  I suffered for 12 years with diabetes.  In just 3 weeks with Dr. Miller, my blood sugar went from 250 – 300 down to 115 – 135!  I’ve lost weight, feel better and my blood pressure’s down.  This is the best!  Jack F.   Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.


Type II Diabetes:   “I can’t recommend Dr. Miller enough!   My blood sugar is now normal. I’m now off all medications for diabetes, high blood pressure & cholesterol.  Before, I couldn’t lose weight. Now I’ve lost 26 lbs. without exercise!  And, I don’t even use my CPAP for sleep apnea and I sleep great now. I’d love to talk to anybody about Dr. Miller’s Type II Diabetes program.”     William S.   Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.  


Type II Diabetes:   ”My blood sugar level was 160 on medication. Now it’s 100 average off medications! I was taking 13 medications a day.  Now – I’m off all medications. I’ve lost 17 lbs.  The treatment I got covers every aspect of Well Being, and the results have been astronomical.   My outlook on life is unbelievable and I am feeling blessed to have my health and my life back.  Dr. Miller’s program is the best!”    Roy M.    Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

Type II Diabetes:  ”I had suffered with Type II Diabetes for over 5 years, taking oral diabetic medications and yet my blood sugars were high 200′s to 300 and my A1C was 9.1. Now, my A1C is 6.2, I’m off medications, my blood sugar is within normal ranges and I’ve lost over 27 lbs!  Dr. Miller’s diabetes program is just amazing, unbelievable and my results are remarkable! This is the best diabetes program and I highly recommend Dr. Miller to others with Type II Diabetes.”   Paulette S.   Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

What Our Patients Say About Weight Loss

bettyOver Weight. Loss of Balance, Difficulty Walking.  “I just turned 80 last week, and I have lost about 38 lbs since I started with Dr. Miller! My balance has much improved and so has my walking. As a result of Dr. Miller’s program I have also reduced my need for high blood pressure medications. Dr. Miller’s care is wonderful!” Betty. Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

geneOver Weight. Type 2 Diabetes  “When I came to Dr. Miller I weighted 232 lbs. Dr. Miller has showed me the correct diet and I have lost 40 lbs, without exercise! I have highly recommended Dr. Miller’s care to others as this is the best treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. After being on numerous medications for diabetes, my sugars are now much lower and more stable, and I am now on just 1mg of one pill and I have also reduced my high-blood pressure medications. I highly recommend Dr. Miller!” Gene. Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

Bill-Y-Testimonial-150x150Over Weight. Type 2 Diabetes  “I lost 35lbs, and now, I am off all my diabetes and hypertension medications! My blood pressure and my blood sugars are now normal without any medications!” Bill. Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

rosaOverweight. Diabetes Type 2.   “I have lost over 90lbs and I feel like a new person! When I came to see Dr. Miller I was on insulin and my diabetes was getting worse. With Dr. Miller, my A1C has gone from a 10 down to a 5.3 and I am completely off all the diabetes medications. I have much more energy, I sleep better and I have really gotten my life back!” Rosa. Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

yoloOverweight. Fibromyalgia. Hypertension.  “I had tried so many other ways to lose weight and nothing seemed to really work long-term, until I came to Dr. Miller. Now, I have lost over 37lbs and I’ve kept it off for over 8 months! I have also gotten off all the medications I was on for the fibromyalgia and the high blood pressure, and I have gotten my life back! I highly recommend Dr. Miller and his comprehensive approach.” Yolanda. Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

What Our Patients Say About Their Neuropathy Care

Charlie-Marcum-150x150Neuropathy: I suffered from Neuropathy in both my legs and feet. Dr. Miller’s treatment is great. I have no pain at all in my legs or feet and it only took about 5 visits of Dr. Miller’s Neuropathy care. Dr. Miller’s treatment has allowed my daily activities to greatly improve and, as important, Dr. Miller is reversing what is causing  my Neuropathy, my Diabetes!   Charles MResults may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

What Our Patients Say About Their Fibromyalgia Care

Lorena-fibroFibromyalgia:  “I cried so much from fibromyalgia and took so many prescription pills – for nearly 2 years!  I wasn’t able to sit, stand or bend, absolutely nothing!  At 35, a mother, children, a wonderful husband and no life!  Dr. Miller showed me why I was sick. After only 9 weeks, I had my life back! “Muchas Gracia y estoy muy agadecia porque descubrio mi gran problema.” Thank you and I am so appreciative because you have discovered my problem.” Lorena F. Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.


Fibromyalgia:  “I’d been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for over 8 years. I was suffering terrible pain from my upper back to my lower back, chest, arm & legs. I thought I was never going to get better. My neighbor sent me to Dr. Miller, so, I went to see him. I was feeling better in no time. I’ve been to many MD’s and 4 – 5 other chiropractors over the years, Dr. Miller is head and shoulder above the rest!”   Deana B.  Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.


Fibromyalgia:  “I suffered from Fibromyalgia for over 4 years. No matter how many medications I took it was getting worse. I didn’t have a life anymore. I was so scared my life at only 33 was ruined! Then a friend referred me to Dr. Miller.  I can’t believe what happened. After only 4 weeks with Dr. Miller, my Fibromyalgia was so much better and I was getting off all the medications. God bless you Dr. Miller!”   Liza K.   Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

What Our Patients Say About Their Hypo-Thyroid Care

Dr Deb thyroidHypothyroid:  “I used to weigh almost 200 lbs! Then I found Dr. Miller. He visited with me and really took the time to listen. After he ran his specialized lab tests on me, I began his treatment. Within just weeks, I began to feel much better and my energy returned. I’m back to being my active self again and now, I’ve lost over 50 lbs! After trying everything else I could find, I finely found treatment that really works.   I can’t recommend Dr. Miller’s program enough.”  Debra S.    Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

Joanne Tudor

Hypothyroid:  ”I have been suffering for about a year and couldn’t find out why. I’d been to other doctors and was on medications, but continued to not feel well. I saw Dr. Miller’s TV ad  and came to his office. I’ve been under care for just 3 weeks. His care is amazing! I feel so much better and I’ve even lost about 10 pounds! I can do my house work without being so tired, my constipation has cleared up, no more mood swings and I’m feeling so much better!”  Joanne T.   Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

Connie Roberts

Hypothyroid: “I suffered from Hypothyroid, since 1996 and it was very serious. I’ve been coming in to see Dr. Miller for just 3 months and already I’ve returned to 90% of my normal lifestyle!  My energy and daily activities have greatly improved, with my fatigue, anxiety, body temperature and skin are much improved.  Dr. Miller’s treatment is great!  It’s the best I’ve found for my condition.  I’ve even lost 7 lbs!”   Connie R.   Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

Betty Maine

Hypothyroid:  ”I’m greatly satisfied with Dr. Miller’s treatment! After suffering badly from hypothyroid symptoms for over 10 years, I saw Dr. Miller and his dad being interviewed on the TV New. I came to Dr. Miller just 4 months ago. Now, my fatigue to greatly improved, as well as my depression, my numbness and hot flashes.  I have regained 90% of my normal lifestyle and my ability to do all my daily activities has greatly improved. I highly recommend Dr. Miller’s treatment program to others as I think Dr. Miller’s program is just great!”  Betty M.  Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

What Our Patients Say About Their Hypertension Care

Kay-hypertensionHypertension: “I suffered for years from high blood pressure and was on 3 hypertension pills a day. Now only a few weeks with Dr. Miller, I feel better, I’ve more energy and I’m only taking 1 pill every-other day! And my blood pressure is so good, my other doctor always double checks to make sure it’s real. At 85, I’m told I have the blood pressure of a 40 year old. Dr. Miller’s care is absolutely wonderful!”  Kay P.    Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

What Our Patients Say About Their Asthma Care

Severe Asthma.  “For 12 years, I was diagnosed with Severe Asthma.  I was forced to use oxygen tanks constantly, and asthma inhalers and asthma medications several times daily. I was constantly hooked up to oxygen and couldn’t leave the house without my oxygen tanks. Within just weeks under Dr. Miller’s care, I began to breathe much better. After just 4 months, my medical doctor re-tested my lungs and told me I did not need to continue to use the oxygen tanks. After twelve long years I am now free!  God bless you Dr. Miller!  You truly preformed a miracle on me! I send all my friends to you, no matter what they suffer from!”   Marzela M.   Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

Asthma, Nose Bleeds and Allergies. Eric Green Jr.  age 10 suffered from asthma, allergies & nose bleeds since the age of 2. Eric saw allergy & asthma doctors for 8 years.  He had nosebleeds 2 to 3 times a day! Asthma attacks four times a week and was hospitalized 4 times in the last year from asthma attacks!  Eric’s Mom bought him in to see Dr. Miller. After a comprehensive assessment of Eric was completed, a personalized program of care was begun. After 7 weeks of care Eric’s Nose Bleeds had stopped, Asthma cleared up and Allergies are gone!  “Dr. Miller gave me my life back!”     Eric G., Jr.   Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

Norma-asthmaAsthma.  “I suffered from Asthma for years.  Having Asthma prevented me from doing the activities I wanted to do. At times my Asthma attacks were just horrible, putting me in bed rest. Then I was referred to Dr. Miller. It was only weeks before I felt so much better. I am now off all Asthma medications and have not had any breathing problems for several months!”    Norma H.   Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

What Our Patients Say About Their IBS Care.

Charlene-ibsIBS. ”I suffered for years with IBS, it was horrible. I was on so many medical drugs and I was not getting better, I was getting worse and gaining weight. I also suffered with Fibromyalgia and my life was just dealing with pain all the time. Thank God someone referred me to Dr. Miller.  It was just within a month or so and I was off nearly all those pills and feeling so much better. Within just 2 months I was completely off all medications and completely out of all pain! And I lost over 20 lbs too!  Dr. Miller’s care is the best!”  Charlene F. Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

IBS. “We have gone to conventional care specialist & pediatricians for 7 years, since my 9 y.o. daughter was age 2. We would even drive to the Cincinnati Clinic. Our daughter was on 4 different types of medications daily and was getting worse. After just 1 week with Dr. Miller, she was able to stop all the medications she was on since age 2!   She is doing amazing now and I highly recommend Dr. Miller.  I call Dr. Miller’s treatment, “Amazing, Unbelievable, Great, Remarkable” and I’m greatly satisfied with the RESULTS!   Sonya S. ‘Mom’  Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

What Our Patients Say About Their Pain-Relief Care

Sciatica Nerve Pain. “I was experiencing the worst pain in my life! My left leg pain was unbelievable. I had already seen a chiropractor, but still, my pain was so intense I was on Vicodin.  My friend, Dr. Elliot Wagner said “Go see Dr. Miller!”  With Dr. Miller I’m now pain free!   I see the tremendous value in having Dr. Miller’s passion & skill in helping people. His care is just amazing!”  Dr. Tom C. Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

Degenerative Disc Disease & Sciatica.  Alisa Flew All The Way From Kansas City To See Dr. Miller.  In 1976, Alisa Pernell was in a car accident and suffered lower back pain since. Alisa was seeing 3 medical specialists.  Back Surgery was scheduled. Her cousin, Loretta Cannon, an O.R. Hospital Tech said, “See Dr. Miller first”.  Alisa flew from Kansas City to see Dr. Miller.  She was hoping for anything to avoid back surgery.  After her first adjustment Alisa said, “For the first time in over twelve years, I was able to sleep through an entire night without being constantly awakened by pain.  You performed a miracle for me Dr. Miller!”  Alisa P.  Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

John-painLow Back Pain.  “I’ve been seeing Dr. Miller since 1983, as needed. I first came to Dr. Miller because of Low Back Pain.  I have an ‘Anatomical Short Leg’ and Dr. Miller was instrumental in helping my other doctors get a correct measurement, for my ortho-shoes, after he had corrected my spine and my alignment.  Dr. Miller has kept me going for over 27 years!”  Dr. John H. Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.


Migraine Headaches. “Following my auto accident, I suffered ongoing Migraine Headaches 2 – 3 times a week for 8 months! I was taking 6-8 Ibuprofin daily.  After I started with Dr. Miller, my Migraine Headaches were gone after just 5 visits!  I can now enjoy my son Miles and my life without the nagging pain of headaches! Of all the doctors I’ve been seeing over the last 8 months, Dr. Miller is by far the Best!”  Stacy.  Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.


Neck & Low Back Pain.  “For 4 ½ years I suffered from Neck & Low Back Pain.  I could barely get up from a chair and I slept just terribly. I was taking Motrin 2x’s a day, everyday, suffering all day long. I was unable to do all the things I wanted to do.  My wife said, “You gotta go see Dr. Miller”.  After just a few visits, I felt much better! This is me just 3 weeks under his care.  He really takes the time to help you.  Dr. Miller’s treatment is amazing!”   Lee S. Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

Extreme Sciatica-Nerve Leg Pain. “I suffered 10 Yrs with diagnosed “Extreme Sciatica Leg Pain” I couldn’t sleep, sit or stand without pain.  I’d seen several doctors over the 10 years. Then my MD referred me to Dr. Miller.  Dr. Miller took the time to really listen and examined me like none of the others.  Dr. Miller told me what was really wrong. His treatments literally gave me my life back.  Dr. Miller has kept me pain free since 1984!” Bill C.   Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.


Severe Knee Pain for Weeks.  “I’m nearly 91. I had been suffering severe knee pain for weeks. Nothing seemed to help. My other doctors had me on pain pills but I was getting worse. I came in to see Dr. Miller barely able to walk, using a walker.  I’m just amazed!  Within a week, I came in walking without even using my cane!  I’ve been seeing Dr. Miller for over 22 years. I send everyone to him.”   Jorris N.  Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.


Severe Shingles. “I had Shingles on my back, my side and on my face.   It was terrible! For 22 days I was taking Ibuprofen & Advil several times daily. I couldn’t sit, bend, lie down or turn over. My pain was hot and burning and I was getting worse. Then I was referred to Dr. Miller.  Dr. Miller took the time to not just diagnosed my problem, but explained to me what was causing my terrible pain and Shingles. He started me on his care. My pain started to get better after just a few visits. Now, I have improved so much!  I’m feeling so much better and I’m off pain pills. Dr. Miller’s treatment is just ‘Unbelievable.’ I appreciate him so much!”   Maria H. Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

What Our Patients Say About Their Whiplash-Injury Care

Severe Whiplash Injuries – Neck Pain & 900 + Pain Pills!  “I was in a car crash and suffered for 15 months from a severe whiplash type injury and neck pain. My other doctor had me on Motrin & Vicodin pain pills daily. After 900 pain pills, my MD referred me to Dr. Miller. Dr. Miller listened and really took the time to show me what was wrong and explain everything to me.  After just four visits with Dr. Miller, my severe neck pain was nearly gone!  His treatment is amazing!  I can’t tell you how Dr. Miller saved my life, I’m so happy I found him!” Michelle H.  Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

Neck & Shoulder Pain – Whiplash:  “I missed 3 months of work last year from severe Neck & Shoulder Pain from a car accident.  I was taking 3 pain pills daily, Vicodin, Excedrin and Butarol.  It was terrible. Then I started with Dr. Miller.  After just 3 office visits, I was off the pain pills!   I’ve referred family, friends and co-workers to Dr. Miller.  Dr. Miller’s treatment is just excellent!    Charlie H.  Individual results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

Whiplash Neck & Back Pain: “I suffered for over 4 months from a whiplash. My neck and back were killing me and my other doctor had me on pain pills all day long. Finally, my boss referred me to Dr. Miller.  With Dr. Miller, I found real relief in just days!  Dr. Miller’s program of care has me ‘leaping tall buildings’ in no time!”    Joe S.  Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

Whiplash Headaches, Neck & Back Pain:   “I suffered from a car accident and whiplash injury. I had Headaches, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain & Back Pain for over 2 Months. I was taking medications, but the pills didn’t seem to help and I was getting worse. My office manager referred to Dr. Miller.  In just a few weeks I was completely out of pain. Dr. Miller’s treatment is Amazing!”    Jenelle M. Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

Whiplash Headaches, Back & Stomach Pain:   “From an auto collision, I suffered severe Headaches, Back & Abdominal Pain!  I was in constant pain from one thing or another. Life was miserable!  I’m a Med Tech, so I did the usual, saw medical doctors and took their pain medications. Then I came to see Dr. Miller. He showed me how my injuries from the whiplash were not being diagnosed correctly.  He really made sense. After only 2 Weeks, I had improved, I’m out of pain and off medications. Dr. Miller’s care is “Fantabulous!”    Valerie A, MT.  Results may vary. Please see FTC Disclosure Below.

Disclaimer – These are individual results, your individual results may vary, these patients testimonials are their individual experiences.

So many people suffering from so many conditions of poor health, injuries or pain  have been blessed with the results of care that has been delivered at True Health Solutions of Lexington.

In return, we at True Health Solutions of Lexington have been very blessed as well.