Neuropathy Care

Treat Neuropathy Without Medication

100% of our care, all of our Neuropathy treatment, DOES NOT involve drug/medications or shots/injections.

  markmiller-new“In clinical practice assisting individuals with Poor Health causing Neuropathy Pain, I continue to witness first-hand the amazing positive effects of correcting the underlying Poor Health neurologic, metabolic and cellular dysfunctions has on the body. It is absolutely true…Continued Poor Health causing Neuropathy Pain can be due to an underlying condition not properly diagnosed and thus not properly treated. Poor Health causing Neuropathy Pain and Misery can be reversible and correctable.” — Dr. Mark Miller, Treating Doctor  

Periopheral-neuropathy-arlington-tx-Revolutionary Neuropathy Care

  • Do you suffer from pain in your toes, foot, ankle or leg?
  • Do you suffer from pain in your fingers, hand or arm?
Neuropathy literally means “sick nerves”. When nerves become damaged & sick – they ‘mis-fire’. The sick nerves either send abnormal signals when they are not supposed to or they don’t send signals when they should. Neuropathy (Peripheral Neuropathy, Idiopathic Neuropathy, Circular or Vascular Neuropathy, Diabetic Neuropathy) can occur anywhere in the body, but it is most common in the lower extremities, and most common in the feet. The abnormal signals sent by the sick nerves in these areas can cause many symptoms, such as pain & burning sensations, pins & needles, aching, tingling, numbness, and stabbing pain are some of the ways our patients describe their Neuropathy.

The Underlying Causes of Neuropathy:

It is the Nerve system dysfunctions, Vascular or Circulation system dysfunctions and Metabolic cellular dysfunctions that result in “Inflammation & Deterioration” that are the root causes of Neuropathy, (Peripheral Neuropathy, Idiopathic Neuropathy, Circular or Vascular Neuropathy, Diabetic Neuropathy). Inflammation usually plays a key role in the perpetuation of pain and chronic deterioration of the nerve and vascular tissues. Chronic inflammatory conditions (e.g. Type II Diabetes, Immune system dysfunction, Micro-circulatory disease, Painful Neuritis, Heart Disease and even Osteoarthritis & Chemotherapy) have been clinically demonstrated to be associated with Neuropathy and Neuropathy Pain.

Now Available, FDA Approved, Safe, Effective Care That Can Address Neuropathy.

FDA approved Electro-Current Modality Care, including: State-of-the-art, Sweeping Frequency Electrical Current Technologies, and our Natural Clinical Nutrition with, our Clinically Proven Diet, along with Proprietary Corrective Procedures, has been developed by to enhance and restore the Nerve system dysfunctions, improve Vascular Circulation system function and restore Metabolic cellular dysfunctions associated with ‘sick nerves of Neuropathy’.

Our Neuropathy Care is designed to:

  • Reduce the symptoms of Neuropathy quickly.
  • Restore improved Cellular function of Nerves.
  • Restore improved Cellular function of Vascular system
  • Restore improved Cellular functions of Metabolic disorders.
  • Restore improved Lymphatic System circulation and drainage.
  • Reduce or eliminate the Burning, Pins & Needles, Stabbing Pain & Numbness.
  • Provide Clinical Nutrition & Clinical Diet for Long-Term, Sustainable Improvements.
  • Restore Normal Function back into your life.

The Benefits Of Our Neuropathy Care

  • Anti-inflammatory action
  • Improved Muscle Function
  • Reduce Pain & Burning sensations
  • Improved Gait and Strength to Legs & Feet
  • Increases Metabolic Activity: energizes the cells
  • Reduces Swelling around the nerve
  • Stimulates Nerve function
  • Increases Oxygen and Blood directly to the nerve
  • Improves the Peripheral Vascular Flow
  • Promotes Nerve and Cell Nutrition