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Asthma Attacks. Who Gets Them?

Asthma Attacks & Reversing The Disease Process of Asthma

With Asthma, there are a lot of would be Asthma causes that set off symptoms or indicators, while also largely explaining the unusual ways asthma may show up. In a good number of asthma cases, this tricky disease shows up quite early in childhood, as babies may express symptoms of Asthma and definitely toddlers from age two to six years of age, tend to show consistent Asthma symptoms. In this toddler age group, the main causes of asthma symptoms is over and over again connected to contact with common allergens, like unseen dust mites, second hand tobacco smoke, and any of a multitude of viral Asthma related respiratory infections. Attacks occur frequently and many times without warning

What is Asthma?

In even very young children, who are even less than two years of age, the disease of asthma may be quite difficult to properly diagnose with any certainty. Asthma Wheezing, puffing and being out of breath at this age, over and over again comes immediately after a bout of a viral infection and may or may not disappear later on, without it ever turning into full blown asthma. Symptoms and the disease, on the other hand, often does develop over again in early adulthood. Adult onset asthma happens more frequently in women, who are typically middle aged, and often does follow some kind of a respiratory tract infection. The Asthma triggers in this female group are more often than not allergy related, in nature.

Extrinsic or Intrinsic Asthma Factors.

In general there are a couple of main types of asthma which are allergic or extrinsic and non-allergic Asthma or intrinsic asthma. Dr. Miller, your Asthma treating doctor might refer to your asthma as being extrinsic or intrinsic. A more clear perception of this nature of the disease of asthma may assist in explaining the many general and specific Asthma differences between the two. Extrinsic asthma, or allergy based asthma, is much more widespread as it occurs in about 90% of all asthma cases.

Extrinsic asthma characteristically develops somewhere in childhood. Just about 80% of kids with asthma in addition, have known allergies. Characteristically, there is a history within the family of some kinds or many kinds of allergies. In addition, other general allergic conditions, like nasal allergies or eczema, which affects the skin, are time and again, additionally showing up. Allergic asthma frequently lessens in early adulthood, when people are often not closely in contact with the things that triggered their allergies when they were younger, like carpet, pets, and their old, worn out pacifier, stuffed animal, blankie, and etcetera. Nevertheless, in three fourths of all cases, the asthma comes back later.

About 10% of all cases are intrinsic asthma cases, which means the asthma symptoms, cannot be directly blamed on allergens. Intrinsic asthma cases usually develop after the age of 30 and are not characteristically linked to allergens affecting allergies. Women are much more likely to contract asthma and many asthma cases give the impression they come after a respiratory tract infection. The asthma condition might be hard to treat and asthma symptoms are over and over again, chronic and bothersome year round. There is no need to continue suffering regardless of whether you have extrinsic or intrinsic asthma there is a scientific assessment with real results available through Dr. Miller at True Health Solutions of Lexington.

Patients Come From Around Lexington Kentucky For Asthma Care:

Many of our patients come the Lexington Kentucky area, with many other asthma patients coming from communities close to the Lexington, Kentucky area.

Many of our asthma patients are referred by other asthma patients or from asthma support groups. Asthma patients find driving to Lexington, Kentucky is not to far to drive for asthma care that truly reverses the disease process of Asthma. Lexington Kentucky is an easy city to assess and our facility in Lexington Kentucky is very easy to find.  Rid yourself of Asthma by investigating our Asthma program designed to reverse the disease process of Asthma.