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12 General Tips to Manage your Diabetes and Neuropathy

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1. Don’t eat fruit past noon to keep your blood sugar lower. (If you eat it in the evening, the fructose stays in your system all night.)
2. When eating out, you can always customize your order. Look over the menu and see what is available and ask for them to put together your meal according to your diet.
3. When cooking, you can cook with honey rather thank sugar; just substitute the sugar for honey in same amount.
4. You can use coconut and/or almond flour, rather than white or whole wheat flour for a gluten free recipe.
5. If you do not like drinking water, just add fruit to the water to add sweetness and flavor.
6. There are nearly 10 teaspoons of sugar in a soda. To start eliminating them from your diet, reduce/replace with fruit infused sparkling water. You will save money too!
7. Did you know most pizza places offer gluten free pizza now?
8. You can make hot chocolate without sugar. Use 2 tablespoons of honey and unsweetened cocoa per one cup of milk or coconut milk. Kids prefer it and so will you!
9. You can make sugar free and gluten free pumpkin pie. Just use gluten free crust and honey rather than sugar!
10. Use quinoa in place or rice and other grains; you can add it to salads to make them more substantial and tastier.
11. Use a pre roasted chicken to make a salad. Add your favorite veggies and quinoa for a hearty meal!
12. Roast edamame with your favorite spices and Parmesan cheese for a carb and guilt free snack.