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Hypothyroid Symptoms and a Scientific Approach to Treatment.

Are you suffering from hypothyroid symptoms?

If you suffer from hypothyroid, it may not surprise you to learn that you are not alone. So many women suffer from hypothyroid and it is estimated to be one of the most misdiagnosed and mistreated disease for women.

Very few medical doctors even test for the most common cause of hypothyroid, the most common cause!

Mayo Clinic:   The most common cause of hypothyroid is called – Hashimoto’s Disease which is an Auto-immune disorder and medical doctors in America hardly ever test women for this disease.

This is the reason so many women with hypothyroid have been discovering they have a better care option of optimal health care at True Health Solutions of Lexington. With hypothyroid, This is where they will get Lab-tested correctly and be able to start a course of treatment that will work for them.

Dr. Mark Miller Ret., Director & Health Care Consultant and developer of the “Miller Method of Healing, Health & Longevity” has been a doctor since 1980 and treated over 13,000 injured or ill individuals.

True Health Solutions of Lexington uses the ‘Miller Method of Healing, Health & Longevity’.   .“I say to you in complete certainty….continued Poor Health, including Hypothyroidism is just the result of an underlying condition not properly diagnosed and thus not properly treated. The body is designed by our Creator to perform miracles when working properly.”

Dr. Donald Miller, DC.  ”In clinical practice assisting individuals with Hypothyroid, I continue to witness first hand the amazing, positive effects that correcting the underlying metabolic and neurological dysfunctions has on the body. It is absolutely true, “Continued Hypothyroidism is largely due to an underlying condition not properly diagnosed and thus not properly treated.  Hyothyroidism is reversible and correctable.”

Symptoms of Hypothyroid.

With hypothyroid: If you suffer from an inability to lose weight, even when you are exercising and sticking to a low calorie type diet you may have hypothyroid disease.

With hypothyroid: You may have it if you suffer from fatigue, unstable emotions, issues with your memory, have a foggy brain, get hot flashes, are constipated, depressed or anxious or have hair loss and are always feeling cold?

With hypothyroid: There is help for you at True Health Solutions of Lexington, as our current patients will attest!

With hypothyroid: One patient said she used to weigh almost 200 pounds when she first started going to Dr. Miller. She said he listened to her complaints, ran specialized laboratory tests on her and started a treatment program. In only two weeks she already felt better, had renewed energy, and started seeing positive results. She now has lost over 50 pounds and feels healthy and vibrant again. When she had tried everything else without getting results, she is happy to recommend Dr. Miller to others now.

Finding a treatment program for hypothyroid, one that works for her is what happened to another female patient who came to True Health Solutions of Lexington.

She had been suffering horribly (from hypothyroid) with what she trusted was a correct diagnosis, but the previous treatment was not helping as she was depressed, felt horrible, watched her hair thin, could not lose weight even following her doctor’s orders. Now, after being on a treatment program with Dr. Miller, she is amazed because she does not feel fatigued, has lost over 20 pounds and has all kinds of energy. Her friends and her husband noticed the difference as it was so obvious. Now she feels fortunate to have discovered Dr. Miller and to have followed through with his recommendations for hypothyroid.

Another patient who comes in from Cincinnati, Ohio, says ever since she started coming to see Dr. Miller, she has considerably more energy, has lost weight without exercises and feels like herself again without all the mood swings. She had been under the care of an MD for several years without any real results. She has referred several others from Cincinnati Ohio, and as she says.. “It’s only about an hour drive to have my life given back to me!”

And others coming from Cincinnati Ohio and surrounding communities in Ohio are all to happy to be able to find a doctor who can truly assist in reversing the disease processes of Hypothyroid and other poor health issues. Many of the patients all expressing the same thing.. “It’s not to far to drive for this life changing and life saving care!”

Other patients frequently drive from Cincinnati Ohio and have referred patients from the Cincinnati Ohio area as well, all of which are only about an hour to two away too. As so many of the patients say.. “It’s not to far to to get my life back!”

When you get the comprehensive lab-test that will reveal the correct diagnosis and begin the correct treatment program for your hypothyroid and the underlying causes, you can see rapid results!

There is no need to continue to suffer when the answers to your symptoms may be a simple phone call away. Do not continue to suffer if you have any of the above named symptoms.

Call today to make an appointment for your FREE Consultation with Dr. Miller at 859.223.2233.

And feel free to share this “Scientific Approach to Treatment” information with anyone else you know is suffering needlessly. Your health and a happier life may be only a phone call away.