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Whiplash Injury. A Scientific & Natural Approach to Excellent Results

covington-neck-pain-300x300Whiplash Injury Care & Excellent Results, Naturally!

Following a whiplash injury from a vehicle crash, the emergency room ISdesigned to rule-out any whiplash injury,  life threatening conditions like fractures, abrasions, cuts or severe concussions, etc. from whiplash trauma.

With whiplash injury trauma, the emergency room IS NOT designed to fully, or accurately access the underlying whiplash injury, whiplash misalignment injuries, the whiplash injuries to the joints and muscles that will get worse over time, if the whiplash injury is not properly corrected and the whiplash injury pain is not resolved.

The KEY with whiplash injury:  All of our whiplash injury treatment is focused on the deeper levels of the whiplash injury, the deeper levels of the neuro-muscular-skeletal trauma(s) and injured soft-tissue & joint articulations where the whiplash injury and pain itself is being caused or created in your body. Whiplash injury Prescription and OTC pills and whiplash injury pain injections / shots are only designed to temporarily reduce whiplash injury symptoms without any focus on treating or correcting the deeper, real causes of continued whiplash injury trauma and whiplash pain.

What Our Patients Say About Their Whiplash Injury Care

Severe Whiplash Injuries – Neck Pain & 900 + Pain Pills!  “I was in a car crash and suffered for 15 months from a severe whiplash type injury and neck pain. My other doctor had me on Motrin & Vicodin pain pills daily. After 900 pain pills, my MD referred me to Dr. Miller. Dr. Miller listened and really took the time to show me what was wrong and explain everything to me.  After just four visits with Dr. Miller, my severe neck pain was nearly gone!  His whiplash injury treatment is amazing!  I can’t tell you how Dr. Miller saved my life, I’m so happy I found him!”  Michelle H.  Results may vary

Whiplash Neck & Shoulder Pain. “I missed 3 months of work last year from severe Neck & Shoulder Pain from a car accident.  I was taking 3 pain pills daily, Vicodin, Excedrin and Butarol.  It was terrible. Then I started with Dr. Miller.  After just 3 office visits, I was off the pain pills!   I’ve referred family, friends and co-workers to Dr. Miller.  Dr. Miller’s whiplash injury treatment is just excellent!  Charlie H.  Results may vary

Whiplash Neck & Back Pain:  ”I suffered for over 4 months from a whiplash. My neck and back were killing me and my other doctor had me on pain pills all day long. Finally, my boss referred me to Dr. Miller.  With Dr. Miller, I found real relief in just days!  Dr. Miller’s whiplash injury program of care has me ‘leaping tall buildings’ in no time!”  Joe S.   Results may vary

Whiplash Neck, Shoulder & Back Pain:  “I suffered from a car accident and whiplash injury. I had Headaches, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain & Back Pain for over 2 Months. I was taking medications, but the pills didn’t seem to help and I was getting worse. My office manager referred to Dr. Miller.  In just a few weeks I was completely out of pain. Dr. Miller’s whiplash injury treatment is Amazing!”  Jenelle M.   Results may vary

Whiplash Headaches, Back & Stomach Pain:  “From an auto collision whiplash injury, I suffered severe Headaches, Back & Abdominal Pain!  I was in constant pain from one thing or another. Life was miserable!  I’m a Med Tech, so I did the usual, saw medical doctors and took their pain medications. Then I came to see Dr. Miller. He showed me how my injuries from the whiplash were not being diagnosed correctly.  He really made sense. After only 2 Weeks, I had improved and I’m out of pain and off medications. Dr. Miller’s care is “Fantabulous!”  Valerie A. MT.   Results may vary.

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Dr. Donald Miller, Treating Doctor.  ”In clinical practice assisting individuals with Whiplash Injuries, I continue to witness first hand the amazing, positive effects that correcting the underlying whiplash injury structural misalignment and neurological dysfunctions has on the body. It is absolutely true, “Continued Pain from Whiplash Injury is largely due to an underlying condition not properly diagnosed and thus not properly treated.  Whiplash Injury & Pain is reversible and correctable.”

Dr. Mark Miller, Clinic Director.  Developer of the Miller Method of Healing & Health.  “The Body Performs Miracles When Functioning Correctly! Whiplash Injury is a disorder in the body that is caused by a traumatic force, resulting in whiplash injury ’misalignment injury’ and resulting whiplash injury neurological and muscle dysfunctions or disorders. Unless the whiplash injury structural misalignment injuries and the whiplash injury neurological – muscle disturbances are identified using appropriate spinal alignment examinations and neurological and muscle testing, the treating physician will not be properly equipped to address Whiplash Injury Pain at its root, fundamental levels. Correcting the Whiplash Injury & Pain at the root levels is where the magic is..  and only at this level is the real magic found in treating whiplash injury.”

Q & A with Dr. Miller on Whiplash Injury.

Question: With Whiplash Injury – Does it make intelligent sense to use state-or-the-art, computer examinations to determine exactly how these whiplash injury misalignment displacements injuries have occurred at each region injured?
Answer: Yes

Question: With Whiplash Injury – Does it make intelligent sense to correct these whiplash injury misalignment displacements injuries to prevent arthritis and degeneration of the joints which will likely occur if left uncorrected?
Answer: Yes

Question: With Whiplash Injury – Does it make intelligent sense to restore the motion, strength and function of the injured regions caused from whiplash injury or whiplash trauma?
Answer: Yes

Our Unique Approach With Whiplash Injury Includes:

  • Computer assisted motion and strength testing for accurate documentation of whiplash injury and evidence based presence of whiplash injury.
  • State-of-the-art, computerized x-ray whiplash injury analysis, using weight bearing x-rays to fully assess the whiplash injury.
  • Digital analysis of brain, nerve and vascular functions to assess post traumatic whiplash injury.
  • Computer visual using the neuro-patholator system for demonstrating whiplash injury.
  • State-of-the-art, specific, gentle, whiplash injury corrective procedures based on computer assisted analysis of whiplash injury.
  • No rotational procedures on the spine are used in our facility.
  • State-of-the-art, whiplash injury therapy to restore normal motion to muscles and joints injured from whiplash injury trauma.
  • State-of-the-art, whiplash injury, physical rehabilitation therapy to restore normal strength and function to injured muscles and joints from whiplash injury trauma.
  • State-of-the-art whiplash injury reporting to insurance company and personal injury attorney.
  • All Whiplash Injury – Personal Injury Reporting, (whiplash injury) reporting, is based on the American Medical Association, 5th Ed. Whole Person Impairment Rating Guidelines.
  • Deposition and court room testimony for whiplash injury trauma is available.

Scientifically based whiplash injury care.

Extraordinary whiplash injury care results.

 Patients Come To Us From All Over Kentucky And Beyond For Whiplash Injury Care.

Many of our whiplash injury patients come to us from the Lexington, Kentucky area, for whiplash injury care, as well as communities surrounding the Lexington, Kentucky area. Including communities that are an hour up to three hours from the city of Lexington, Kentucky. For whiplash injury care Lexington, Kentucky is not to far to drive for an individual to get their whiplash injury treated and their health restored and the life back in order. Whiplash injury can permanently alter a persons health if the whiplash injury is not properly treated.

 Scientific Whiplash Injury Care can reverse Whiplash Injury Pain.

Whiplash Injury can be reversed when the treating doctor addresses Whiplash Injury at the deeper levels of Whiplash Injury dysfunction. The deeper levels of Whiplash Injury  dysfunction is the level where Whiplash Injury  dysfunction can be effectively reversed!