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I had no idea my Symptoms meant I had Hypothyroidism

What Really Is Hypothyroidism

When I suffered from a complete inability to lose any weight or to keep it off when I did lose a couple of pounds, while suffering from wacky emotions, fatigue, with a foggy brain, a faulty memory, was constipated, got hot flashes, had hair loss, was depressed and was constantly feeling cold, I had no idea I had hypothyroidism. I also did not know I was not the only woman not being properly diagnosed let alone treated for this obnoxious disease, nor did I know there was hope through a treatment and therapy program.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

When my lab results come back, looking much better, even though my hypothyroid symptoms were not improving, or were even getting worse, it made no sense to me. I might be stuck in a bad movie. If you feel this way, I bet you could ask yourself a few questions. Do I feel awful and unhappy when I look in the mirror and yet my medical doctor says there is improvement? Does it blow my mind that stuff can be so messed up with my health? Do my hormone therapies keep changing and have to be tweaked with this hormone being increased and this one’s dosage being cut down and still I just do not get any better, anyway? Do I hate weighing myself and get anxiety trying to figure out what to wear and just do not know what to do with my hair as it is becoming so thin. And I try not to think about my eyelashes?

Hypothyroidism Risk Factors

It is dreadful to go on going through all this with no relief coming. And to say nothing about the tremendous cost for hormone therapies and the inconvenience of it all. The entire process is completely unacceptable, giving me extra stress. I wondered where the real answers were that would really work for me and then I met Dr. Miller at a seminar. I met other people with my hypothyroidism issues who were extremely satisfied with what Dr. Miller had to say on this entire hormone, hypothyroidism.

At Dr. Miller’s office I met a woman who said she weighed almost 200 pounds when she began seeing Dr. Miller. She said Dr. Miller listened to her inventory of hypothyroidism symptoms; ran particular lab tests on her and started a particular treatment program for her. It wasn’t even two weeks before she said she felt so much better, with new energy, and started to feel optimistic. Now she has lost over 50 pounds, feels extraordinarily healthy, is full of life and vibrant. When she was trying all types of additional hypothyroidism therapies before coming to see Dr. Miller, she said she was not getting adequate results. She was pretty happy with Dr. Miller when I met her and meeting her gave me the courage to do his program too.

Hypothyroidism Hope

I met another woman in the lobby when I started going to Miller, who drives over from Louisville KY. She said she has lost over 28 pounds and now has a great deal more energy then she used to, even though she was under a medical doctor’s care for almost eight years. She said she has sent quite a lot of people, including family members to Dr. Miller for Hypothyroidism treatment and said it was only an hour drive and worth it to change their lives for the better.