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Does Dr. Miller Know a Special Way to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

There is no doubt about it that people die from type II type 2 diabetes. “I figured I would be dead by now. My type II type 2 diabetes made it so hard for him to walk that I could barely get around my house. I have been depressed at my diagnosis, feeling worthless and hopeless. Now, with Dr. Miller’s program, I have lost 35 pounds and am off most of my heart and cholesterol medication and expect to be off all my insulin soon. I have decreased how much I take in a day, already. My medical doctor is stunned, as he has not seen anyone get better from type 2 diabetes treatment before.”

“My sister told me about a doctor in Kentucky who had a program for people like me. I live in Ohio, but after thinking about it for a while thought I would check it out. I just started going to Dr. Miller and already feel better and am seeing results. I believe we can reverse my disease.”

My Type 2 Diabetes is Leaving for Good!

“It has been five months and well worth the effort I have made to follow Dr. Miller’s program. I am 66 years young and no I am 40 pounds lighter. At this point, I have stopped taking all of my insulin and my medications for my underactive thyroid and my high blood pressure. I retired early because of my condition and now I am wondering if I could go back to work, at least in my garden! I feel so alive, like I haven’t felt since I was a child!”

“I ran into an old friend of mine last January and could not believe how good he looked. I said he no longer a type 2 diabetes sufferer! How could that be? Don’t you get type 2 diabetes and wait to die from it? I told my brother that he should try it to see if it really was what did the trick for my friend, before I tried it. I have lost 15 pounds in the last 2 months since I started Dr. Miller’s program and I wish I hadn’t waited so long to start!”

You can get Real Help with your Type 2 Diabetes

Another patient said he and his wife were crossing their fingers that this cutting edge program would work for them as they did not want to spend their remaining years together going to doctors. Like many others, they wondered why the surge in type 2 diabetes and if there were some flaws in how traditional medicine treated type 2 diabetes when people do not get better to the point of beating the disease. Their medical treatments consisted of medication and being told they needed to eat better and get some exercise. But no one told them how to do either effectively. They found they continued to gain weight which made exercise very difficult and disheartening. This husband and wife came together so they could work together and support each other, as we find many other patients doing. Brothers and sisters, parents and adult children, friends and married couples all supporting each other in improving their health. We are seeing some amazing results that are really making a difference in the lives of people who use this program for type 2 diabetes care.