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Asthma Risk Factors

What are the asthma risk factors for an asthma attack?

There are many questions to ask when you are dealing with Asthma Attacks, like what is asthma, what are the asthma risk factors for an asthma attack and who can get asthma and have asthma attacks, in the first place. Even though anyone may have an asthma attack, it most commonly occurs in the following people, children and adolescents ages 5 to17, adults older than 65, people living in urban communities.

Our patients frequently drive from all over Kentucky including Louisville, Ky. Many of our patients drive from one to three hours, in one direction to obtain our unique care.  As so many of our patients say.. “It’s not to far to have my life saved!”

Other asthma attack factors can include asthma family history or your own allergies medical history. Children most vulnerable to asthma attacks include children with asthma family history, children who are allergic to various things and children exposed to secondhand smoke.

This is what traditional asthma research has shown what can happen during an asthma attack. People with asthma can have an acute occurrence while the air passages in their lungs happen to got narrower, causing breathing to become hard. Over sensitivity of your airways and lungs can cause these problems. The lungs and airways react excessively to definite asthma triggers which in turn cause the airway linings to get inflamed and swollen. When airway muscles tighten, amplified mucus production causes breathing to get harder and possible hurt. Additionally, there may be coughing or a wheezing or whistling sound, which is typical of asthma.

Some typical asthma triggers are cockroach droppings, mold, pollen, urine, animal dander, house dust, and dust mites. Specific foods, things with strong odors, perfumes,  aerosol sprays, household cleaners, paints, cooking fumes, coal, varnishes, chalk dust, smoke, talcum powder, chemicals, strong winds, weather changes, vapors, gases or fumes and dust. Heavy exercise can trigger asthma attacks, over and over again because of the inhaled cool and dry air. Heavy activities over time like long distance running are very likely to bring on asthma attacks whereas swimming rarely does.

Smoke, whether directly inhaled or passively inhaled as second hand smoke, is known to make asthma worse. Even simple wood smoke from heating stoves or fireplaces that are wood-burning can release sulfur dioxide which is an irritant. Sinusitis and other respiratory infections will cause irritations in the nose, lungs, throat, and sinuses, making asthma worse.

Sensitivity to medications, like aspirin and ingredients added to medications, like sulfites, can cause up to twenty percent of all adult asthmatic attacks due to hyper sensitivities or allergic reactions to them. These irritating medications time and again include aspirin, indomethacin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. The irritating sulfites used to preservative food and beverages can kick up asthma attacks as well. Before you take any medications, even those seemingly ordinary ones like over the counter medications, check with Dr. Miller at True Health Solutions. There are alternatives to suffering and a scientific assessment with very real results is infinitely more attractive than treatments that have not worked consistently for you.

When patients with any signs of asthma symptoms or active asthma attack experiences, come to see Dr. Miller, at True Health Solutions, they go all the way through complete examinations to be in no doubt they have an accurate diagnosis. It is at this moment in time that priceless and correct scientific treatment choices for asthma sufferers can be set into a customized asthma treatment program.

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Many of our patients come from the city of Louisville, Kentucky with many being referred from other patients in the Louisville, Kentucky area.  Louisville, Kentucky is not to far to drive for an individual to get their health restored and their life back in order. And those coming from Louisville, Kentucky, or those coming from an hour up to three hours from Louisville, Kentucky, are all to happy to be able to find a doctor who can reverse the disease processes of poor health from Asthma or Type II Diabetes, expressing the same thing…”Louisville, Kentucky is not to far to drive for this life changing and life saving care!”