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Whiplash Symptoms Now and Later

Is it Possible to have Whiplash Symptoms Now and Later

Whiplash type injuries like headaches, neck and back pain are treated through specific chiropractic manipulation. Chiropractic manipulation, often called a chiropractic adjustment, works to increase joint mobility in the neck and back, reestablishing range of motion while lessening muscle spasms, which does help lessen the pressure and tension from your neck and back pain.

Should have Listened to my Chiropractor about my Whiplash Symptoms

“Ten years ago, I was in an auto accident which gave me a whiplash. The thing is, I never knew it was a big deal until years later. At the time, my chiropractor told me to make appointments for a while, but I stopped going when I started feeling better. What a mistake. I was young and thought I knew more than my chiropractor. For the next five years my neck would occasionally get stiff and lock up which lasted for about two weeks at a time, with neck pain, about twice a year. Recently, I started seeing Dr. Miller for that neck pain problem, which has stopped now so I feel much better. If Dr. Miller tells me I need to come in for routine visits, I believe it now. I learned the hard way to believe consistent chiropractic treatments will help me feel better, have more energy and even sleep better.”

Whether you have been in a serious auto accident, suffer from whiplash, headaches, neck pain, back pain, arthritis, joint pain, or just would like life to be better, in all likelihood, a chiropractor may help. When you or a loved one has suffered whiplash type injuries or other accident related injuries, it could be in your best interests to call a personal injury auto accident chiropractor today for an appointment.

Whiplash Treatments for your Injury

Treatment for whiplash type injuries could involve the use of physical therapy, a soft cervical collar, muscle relaxants, pain medications and/or heat treatments, some of which you could get from your chiropractor. If your symptoms continue and even get worse, on the other hand, additional tests could be essential to decide the degree of the injury. Surgery is seldom required unless a more severe complaint, is discovered.

When patients with any indication they are dealing with whiplash symptoms come to see Dr. Miller, at True Health Solutions of Lexington, they are treated to thorough examinations to make sure they have accurate diagnosis. It is at this point that true scientific options for treatment may be put into a personalized whiplash treatment program.

Whiplash is common in auto accidents, because muscles do not have enough time during impact, to brace. Personal injury cases of whiplash are the consequence of strain or sprained or torn of ligaments in your neck. The muscles in your neck normally spasm as a protective response after an injury has happened. What this can do is cause your back to misalign, irritating nerves, thereby limiting your body’s ability to heal by itself.

Over time your neck area becomes weaker, subject to re-injury and increase symptoms. If not properly treated, scar tissue may form which is weaker than your soft tissue in the area. This in turn may reduce motion and is more sensitive to pain and stress and harder to treat. Pain, muscle weakness, spasm, or an uncomfortable sensation symptom from a whiplash injury are quite common. Other symptoms of whiplash might be a stiff and or painful neck, shoulders upper back, or even headaches.

These whiplash symptoms might run down through your arms, hands, fingers or present as a muscle tingling or grip weakness. Other whiplash symptoms may include sleep disorders, balance difficulty, memory problems, dizziness, vision issues, and vertigo.