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Type II Diabetes Patients Share their Success Stories from working with Dr. Miller’s Program

Type II Diabetes

I am Jerry Gregory and I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes fifteen years ago and I was on 2 diabetes medicines, 2 blood pressure medicines, and a cholesterol medicine and I am off all of that now and I have lost 34 pounds and I have been on this program for 6 months. I get plenty to eat and am never hungry. I feel better and my energy is much better. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in improving their health and adding years to their life. I just cannot say enough about Dr. Miller. This program is just great.

I am here because of diabetes. My father had type II diabetes. My brother how has passed away had type II diabetes and my sister has diabetes. I have always been able to control my diabetes primarily with exercise. After getting on Dr. Miller’s program in a few days I was amazed at my increased ability to control my blood sugar through diet. I do get a lot of exercise, but no more than normal. I was amazed and continue to be amazed. Even more amazing to me recently as I have been doing this for several weeks now is my weight loss. Weigh loss in terms of inches. I have gone from a 40 inch waist pants to a 34 inch waist. I have gone from a tight 18 inch neck shirt to yesterday I tried on a 16” neck shirt and it was loss. This program does the job if you follow the instructions.

Type II Diabetes Gets Wakeup Call

I am Dr. Carolyn Smith. I have had diabetes, diagnosed since May 2005. Recently my blood sugar jumped to 8.7 and that was a real wakeup call and about the time I went to a seminar with Dr. Miller. I have now been on the program for 8 weeks and have lost pounds. I am really happy about the points I am losing on my blood sugar. My husband who is not diabetic is on the program and has lost about 25 pounds and he is happy about that. I am hoping to get off all of my drugs and keep getting my blood sugar levels down.

To Get Great Results, Do this Program

Hi my name is Roy and I have been a Type II Diabetes for the past 7 years. Since I have been with Dr. Miller I am completely off my diabetic, blood pressure and cholesterol medication. I would highly recommend this program for anyone because it is fabulous. If you want to feel good again and get your life back together this is the only way to go. I have not felt like this in a long time so if you have the opportunity, please takes it.

Great Results from Diabetes Program

My name is Kathryn Brooks. I have suffered with Type II Diabetes for eleven years. I was taking 2 drugs for Type II Diabetes. Since I have been coming to Dr. Miller I have been taken off the drugs and my medical physician was really amazed at how well I was doing with weight loss and my life has really improved since coming to Dr. Miller. I feel my own self again. I have lost 13 pounds, when I have been trying to lose weight for so long and finally achieved it. I have recommended this to several people because it is a great program.