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The Key to the Disease Process of Type II Diabetes

Disease Process of Type II Diabetes

Dr. Miller with True Health Solutions of Lexington in on to something that just may alleviate type II diabetes and some of those nasty symptoms of type II diabetes you or someone you love may be living with and if so, do not wait to make an appointment. Plenty of patients with type II diabetes, in fact thousands of patients with type II diabetes before you have gone through healthy transformation allowing them to lose pesky weight, drop blood pressures and blood sugar, associated with type II diabetes and to sleep better, living life with increased vitality, no longer suffering with type II diabetes. That could be you in a very short period of time.

With type II diabetes, We are led to believe that type II diabetes is a ‘rest of your life’ type problem, but it just may not be for anyone willing to visit Dr. Miller at True Health Solutions of Lexington and discuss your type II diabetes.

To begin with, in type II diabetes it is critically important to have a proper diagnosis. This is only possible through a variety of testing. With a proper diagnosis concerning type II diabetes, Dr. Miller can set up your own, individualized, Type II diabetes treatment program. You may be amazed at the short period of time before you see positive results with addressing type II diabetes at the root levels.

Insulin Resistance is the real problem in Type II Diabetes.

In Type II Diabetes, High Blood Sugar is NOT the real problem. With type II diabetes,  High Sugar is just the symptom.  With type II diabetes, You have high blood sugar because you are Insulin Resistant. With type II diabetes, Your Insulin Resistance is your problem… your high blood sugar is just a symptom of type II diabetes.

With type II diabetes, That’s why very few patient taking all those medications, Metformin, Insulin, etc. for high blood sugar ever get well.  The fact is with type II diabetes, you are taking a bunch of type II diabetes medications for just a single symptom of Type II Diabetes, and high sugar is just one of the symptoms of Type II Diabetes.

You can take all the type II diabetes Metformin, all the type II diabetes Insulin, etc you want, but it does absolutely nothing at all for the real problem of type II diabetes.  In fact, with type II diabetes by just taking all the type II diabetes medications and not doing anything for the real problem, you allow the real problem of type II diabetes – Insulin Resistance to get worse, not better!

IN OTHER WORDS… with type II diabetes you can’t get better just taking all those type II diabetes drugs because you are not doing anything for the problem creating or causing type II diabetes.

When you are type II diabetes- insulin resistant, that really needs to be the first focus to get real results. Pouring type II diabetes insulin into your body is not going to help your body be less resistant and even accept the insulin. In your type II diabetes visit Dr. Miller at True Health Solutions of Lexington you will go through several tests, including saliva, type II diabetes blood, DNA and tests for your gastro-intestinal tract. It is critical to understand what really is between you, type II diabetes and good health. What is making you type II diabetes insulin resistant?

There is a three pronged focus for your return to health from type II diabetes. You will go through comprehensive, type II diabetes diagnostic panels, get customized, type II diabetes care and expect clinically outstanding results. You can expect them, because many type II diabetes patients before have proven this works very well for type II diabetes. We must know what the chief challenge is in type II diabetes that is creating your type II diabetes problems in the first place. Each and every person is different and that is why the type II diabetes testing component is critical. The symptoms of 2, type II diabetes patients may look the same but have very different forces at work creating them. In that case, one patient’s type II diabetes treatment program may not work well for another and you are all already going through that incorrect process with your traditional type II diabetes management care. Are your type II diabetes symptoms getting any better? Even when your medical care people are telling you that you are getting better, if you do not feel and see it, something is not making sense.

A type II diabetes patient who comes in from a community close to Lexington, Ky says ever since she started with Dr. Miller, she has lost over 35 lbs and has considerably more energy, although she had been under the care of an MD for many years for type II diabetes, with no real results, if fact she was getting worse.  She has referred several others with type II diabetes from her town close to Lexington, Ky as she says.. “It’s only about an hour drive to have my life saved!”

And others with type II diabetes coming from Lexington, Kentucky are all to happy to be able to find a type II diabetes doctor who can reverse the disease processes of type II diabetes poor health (type II diabetes, hypothyroid, asthma & fibromyalgia) and expressing the same thing..”Lexington Kentucky is not to far to drive for this life changing and life saving care for type II diabetes!”

Lexington, Kentucky is not to far to drive for a type II diabetes individual to get their health restored and their life back in order. Many of our type II diabetes patients come to us not only from Lexington Kentucky, but from communities that are an hour up to three hours from the city of Lexington, Kentucky.  Lexington Kentucky is a wonderful city and is centrally located with easy access for patients to get to.

The secret is in the individual, type II diabetes care then, to get the amazing, type II diabetes results for so many different people, with like symptoms and opposite causes. In your visit with Dr. Miller at True Health Solutions of Lexington you will get the customized, type II diabetes care treatment program that will work just for you, right now, where you are in your level of health. With many, many patients we see that the problem is not a lack of insulin, demanding pills, shots and pumps, but your body’s complete inability to use insulin when you get it. Now that has a different look to it and makes for a very good collection of reasons to visit Dr. Miller with True Health Solutions of Lexington.