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Secondary Neuropathy Pain Symptom Relief in Kentucky

Neuropathy Pain Symptom Relief

Neuropathy pain is pain coming directly as a consequence of a lesion or condition affecting the somatosensory system. Around one fourth of all the neuropathy pain sufferers with neuropathy pain also have type 2 diabetes. The discomfort can be extreme and is typically of chronic and can be described by the type 2 diabetes patient like getting an electric shock, or a burning sensation, a severe, stabbing or shooting pain.

Neuropathy Pain and its Natural Health Management

Other issues can include, allodynia, which is when even a gentle, light touch, provokes pain, hyperpathia, a short incidence of discomfort causing sustained severe pain or hyperalgesia, which is discomfort, which would normally be mild, but instead feels like severe pain.

Neuropathy Pain Prevalence

There is no way people who do not suffer with neuropathy pain can truly understand what it is like to have to deal with neuropathy pain every day. Of all the neuropathy pain sufferers, suffering with painful neuropathy pain, 16-26% of those neuropathy pain sufferers also suffer with diabetes. In traditional medicine these are some of the drugs that are used: Nitrofurantoin, Isoniazid, Vincristine, cisplatin, arsenic, Thallium, Clioquinol, and Disulfiram. If you are on any of these drugs, you may want to do some research to see what the side effects and contraindications are and to make an appointment with Dr. Miller. Neuropathy pain sufferers following Dr. Miller’s program are safely getting off these and other drugs.

Neuropathy Pain and Traditional Therapies and Care

The traditional protocols for treating neuropathy pain look something like an experiment. The risks and benefits of neuropathy pain pharmacological care are considered and a particular drug is selected. Coping strategies are looked at and several non-pharmacological options, which can include referral to a specialist for psychological therapies, or for surgical and often to pain clinics for interventions, are a few of those options.

When a traditional doctor is selecting a specific medication for a neuropathy pain and/or type 2 diabetes patient, several things are considered, like, safety aspects, drug contra-indications, the patient’s preferences and their lifestyle factors, whether the patient has a history of mental health issues which can include anxiety and depression and any existing medication history. All medications and dosage instructions are given in writing and supplementing pain medication with over the counter drugs or alcohol is a sign, what you are doing is not working. Sometimes traditional doctors will overlap old medications with new ones, in an attempt to get pain under control. See Dr. Miller if your situation is this painful.

When should you see Dr. Miller for Neuropathy Pain?

Call Dr. Miller if you have a diagnosis of neuropathy pain, of if you have doubt about your diagnosis of neuropathy pain, if you have not had inadequate response from your current neuropathy pain management care, or if find you are using drugs, nerve blocks, and other therapies to no lasting effect.  For neuropathy pain sufferers who suffer with neuropathy pain and/or type 2 diabetes, Lexington, Kentucky is close by for getting their health restored and their healthy life back. Most of our type 2 diabetes and neuropathy pain sufferers come to us not only from Lexington Kentucky, but from communities that frame the city of Lexington, Kentucky.  Lexington Kentucky is a great city which has easy access for type 2 diabetes and neuropathy pain sufferers to get to easily.