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My Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism Symptoms

In discovering my Hypothyroidism, I suffered terribly with what I thought was a correct diagnosis, but the previous treatment was not helping as I was depressed, I felt horrible, watched my hair thin, and could not lose weight even following my doctor’s orders. Now, after being on a treatment program with Dr. Miller, I am amazed because I do not feel fatigued, has lost over 20 pounds and has all kinds of energy. My friends and my husband noticed the difference as it was so obvious. Now I feel fortunate to have discovered Dr. Miller and to have followed through with his recommendations.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

And others are all too happy to be able to find a doctor who may reverse the disease processes of poor health from hypothyroid and expressing the same thing. It is not too far to drive for this existence changing and existence saving care! Other hypothyroidism patients frequently drive, but from all over the area, all of which are only about an hour to two away too. As so many of our hypothyroidism patients know anywhere in the area, is not too far to have my existence saved!

Hypothyroidism Proper Diagnosis

As soon as I get the proper diagnosis and initiate the proper treatment program for my disease, or issue I will be able to see speedy results. With no need to keep on suffering while the answer to my symptoms can be an effortless phone call. No one needs to continue to go through all this trouble when they have any of the above mentioned hypothyroid symptoms.

Science Based Hope for Hypothyroidism Risk Factors

I am sure to share this chiropractic treatment information with everyone else I believe might be suffering any of the symptoms discussed above. A healthy and happier existence can only be a phone call away from hypothyroid problems.

It is amazing how many cool people I have met in the waiting room at Dr. Miller’s office and everyone seems so eager to help. I even met a hypothyroidism patient who drives in from Cincinnati, Ohio, who told me, ‘ever since I started coming to see Dr. Miller; I have significantly more natural energy, I have lost a lot of weight without even exercising and I feel like myself again without all the crazy mood swings.’ She said, ‘I had been under the care of an MD for several years without any real results. I have referred my friends and family and co-workers from Cincinnati Ohio, because it is only about an hour drive to get your health back!’

She said other people coming from Cincinnati, and other parts of Ohio are delighted to find a natural health doctor who is capable of truly assisting in reversing the symptoms of hypothyroid and helping people to feel younger and more active again. Other hypothyroidism patients have talked about the same thing to me, telling me it is not too far to drive to get a program that will turn their health around and may even save their lives.

When you get your complete lab tests with your correct diagnosis and you start correct treatment program for your hypothyroid symptoms, you will be amazed at how fast you get results. When we realize we do not have to go on to suffering because the solutions to our symptoms are an effortless phone call away, we can have hope that there is a program with a good doctor we can trust behind it to get control of our symptoms. Extraordinary hypothyroid treatment results are here for you too, with an appointment with Dr. Miller, at 859.223.2233.