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My Doctor Said That Chiropractic Is Dangerous, Is He Right?

Is Chiropractic Care Dangerous?

Or Safer than all the prescription drugs my medical doctor wants to keep me on?

“My medical doctor has me on several pain pills, the same ones the Emergency Room prescribed. He said the ER would have done what was needed, in addition to his brief evaluation, to evaluate my injuries from an auto-accident. If fact he said I didn’t need to go to a chiropractor or get Chiropractic care at all, as it may be dangerous. He sent me to physical therapy but it didn’t seem to help very much, at least the help didn’t seem to last very long before I was back in pain again and taking pain pills.

But I,  like so many others, don’t like just taking pain pills forever. Is there anything I can do besides just taking a lot of pain pills?  Like Chiropractic care?”

YES! Absolutely!

Clinically speaking… The ER will evaluate auto accident injury victims and IS set up to evaluate for any life threatening injuries like fractures, broken bones, cuts and abrasions and brain injuries.

The ER – IS NOT – set up to properly evaluate the underlying, whiplash type injuries that always occurs in an auto accident collision resulting in personal injury to the neck and back and many other regions to an auto accident victim. These injuries will nearly always go un-evaluated at the ER, as well as, the conventional medical doctors’ office where additional pain pills is usually the main form of care.

In Chiropractic care, Proper evaluation of the underlying whiplash injuries is a specialty taking years of training and experience to perform and document properly.

Literally speaking…  millions of injured whiplash auto accident victims have gotten complete relief of their neck and back pain with conservative, gentle, progressive chiropractic procedures and Chiropractic care with injury rehab therapies and injury exercises.

Whiplash injury pain can be relentless if not corrected by Chiropractic care.  Patients frequently drive from around Lexington KY and communities that are all about an about an hour to two away too for Chiropractic care. As so many of our patients say.. “It’s not to far for Chiropractic care to have my life saved!”

With Chiropractic care, It is a well known reality, as your chiropractic accident doctor will share with you, patients do get into auto wrecks, collisions and other all kinds of other accidents, time and again, suffering personal injury to their lower back pain and injury with neck pain. Accident victims may think they will be all right eventually, even if they leave well enough alone and not get Chiropractic care, but they quickly realize they are not all right at all, suffering with neck pain, back pain and or other pain and even whiplash injury symptoms that usually is resolved with Chiropractic care. Whiplash injury symptoms are known to cause no end of trouble down the road, ending in serious neck surgeries and chronic pain syndromes which can also be resolved with Chiropractic care.

Unless the underlying whiplash injury to the auto-accident victims neck and back regions is properly evaluated with Chiropractic care, these injuries will get worse over time, adding to ongoing pain and the auto-accident victim’s activities throughout the day will be more and more restricted as arthritis to the joints and muscles set in. All of these problems can be relieved with Chiropractic care.

Lower Back Pain and Neck Pain Symptoms treated by Chiropractic care

New personal injury lower back pain and neck pain symptoms can show up for months after the auto accident collision, as your chiropractic accident doctor knows. If you or a dear one is involved in any type of personal injury lower back pain and neck pain accident, it is imperative to get checked out right away by a highly trained and experienced health care professional, particularly an injury specialist chiropractor who uses a scientific, computers in Chiropractic care examinations and a natural approach to treating the real underlying injuries caused by the auto-accident collision with Chiropractic care. Even little accidents have caused severe with neck pain, back pain and or other pain from whiplash injury, and Chiropractic care treats whiplash symptoms, additional injuries and even deaths.

Personal Injury Lower Back Pain and Neck Pain Accident & Chiropractic care

Since your chiropractor can be your best ally in any kind of a personal injury, your own chiropractor and Chiropractic care can be a great expert to see first after a personal injury lower back pain and neck pain accident. Your scientific and natural approach chiropractor with Chiropractic care works on keeping your body well by gently correcting the misaligned (from whiplash trauma) bones in the neck and back, to free the nerve energy with Chiropractic care. When your body is hit by a motor vehicle, steering wheel, the floor and even your own seat-belt, and more, you can suffer underlying and undetected, grave injuries that will not get better without experienced chiropractic care.

Ignoring neck pain, back pain and or other pain and even whiplash injury symptoms and other injuries, at the instant of personal injury lower back pain and neck pain accidents, does not make them disappear, like Chiropractic care. Many thousands of hurt people live with permanent damage years after their accidents, because they never took the time to get chiropractic care with a natural approach with very real results.

Your chiropractic accident doctor will tell you, a good chiropractor providing good scientific and natural approach chiropractic care will work on your neck and back, and also other joints to return them to their correct positions if it is at all doable after your wreck. Listening to your chiropractic accident doctor and following the chiropractic scientific and natural approach care recommendations of your chiropractor, might prevent incalculable suffering, current and future medical costs and surgical procedures you could face even later in your life.

Your chiropractic accident doctor has seen many cases of people who trip and fall, or are hit by vehicles and suffer brain injuries and personal injury lower back pain and neck pain. Even when your head never hits another thing, you can receive serious, life-changing brain damage, from your accident, and be in need of natural approach with real results from Chiropractic care.

For the best long-term health results make an appointment to get chiropractic care for your personal injury lower back pain and neck pain. Living with whiplash injury pain in the neck or back is no longer necessary as you can now have access to a scientific and natural approach to whiplash injury – Pain Relief with Chiropractic care!  Patients come in from Lexington,  Ky. and from 1 – 2 hours away and are happy to be able to find a chiropractic doctor and Chiropractic care, who can reverse the pain and poor health caused by the whiplash injuries of pain and debilitating whiplash injury neck pain, headaches, back pain or leg pain. So many of our patients express the same thing from Lexington to hours away… “It’s not to far to drive for this life changing Chiropractic care and life saving care!”

Chiropractic care and your chiropractic doctor, Dr Miller, is the one to see for amazing results from very specific and very gentle Chiropractic care.