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Management of Neuropathy Pain

What is Neuropathy Pain?

Neuropathy pain patients come to Dr. Miller suffering with the symptoms of neuropathy pain because their neuropathy pain is unmanageable and the side effects and costs of traditional neuropathy pain care is too much to bear, more often than not. If you too suffer from neuropathy pain, odds are you know this story only too well, yourself. The neuropathy pain care of the issues causing the neuropathy pain, is critical to neuropathy pain management. Neuropathy pain relieved by pressure, for instance, may traditionally necessitate surgery and/or other invasive procedures. Dr. Miller has a neuropathy pain management program that is not invasive.

In handling the management of your neuropathy pain symptoms, when your underlying cause was medical in origin, and recurring, or chronic, or acute in nature, while waiting for it to be bad enough for medical intervention, you may have felt you had no other choice, for treating your condition. It is a terrible place to be.

Non-pharmacological Measures for Neuropathy Pain

When it comes to psychological treatment techniques, the evidence base has suggested, psychological neuropathy pain care can be quite beneficial, in assisting neuropathy pain patients in dealing with the emotional conditions, of neuropathy pain. The problem is it does not have much of a positive effect, on the level of neuropathy pain itself. The studies of chronic neuropathy pain management have suggested there can be a combination of pharmacological, psychological, and the physical therapies, that can be personalized to meet the needs of each neuropathy pain patient, and although these may be the best traditional methods available, the contra-indications, side effects and lack of progress towards healing leave much to be desired.

Neuropathy Pain Patient Education

Neuropathy pain patient education is fairly often used as an ineffective strategy, which the evidence base has proven falls short of effectiveness. One would think there would be great benefit when a neuropathy pain patient is more informed and able to be more involved in healthcare decisions about their own neuropathy pain treatment, and there may be many factors as to why this has not been effective, not the least of which may be the patients may just be weary of the whole situation and not see any hope of improvement. This is another reason neuropathy pain patients come to Dr. Miller.

Neuropathy Pain Patient Electrical Stimulation

Perhaps in your desire to be pain free you have tried a TENS unit or some other electrical stimulation method for pain control.  A TENS unit, which stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, can help with neuropathy pain control to a point and with some patients under some conditions. The problem is, it still does nothing to correct the underlying issues, which Dr. Miller’s neuropathy pain program addresses.