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Exciting News for Type II Diabetes Sufferers

Type II Diabetes Conditions

Type II diabetes is a disease, traditionally problematic for type II diabetes patients and what they have to deal with; and yet, the good news is, there are now natural approaches that get very real positive results. If you are suffering with type II diabetes symptoms, please get a scientific assessment by Dr. Miller, at True Health Solutions of Lexington. You owe it to yourself to look at a natural approach to avoiding type II diabetes and its long lasting damage.

Type II Diabetes Long Lasting Eye Damage

Type II diabetes with high blood sugar may damage the small blood vessels bringing nutrients and oxygen to the delicate parts of your eyes. Type II diabetes may cause decreasing vision, leading to permanent vision failure. Type II diabetes is the chief reason for new cases of blindness for adults in the 20 and 74 age range.

Type II Diabetes and Long Lasting Artery Damage

After a while and left untreated, the symptoms of type II diabetes may damage a lot of your body systems, with permanent damage. Well over half of type II diabetes sufferers will die from heart disease. Some studies have shown this number to be as high as two thirds resulting in fatalities. Having the disease of type II diabetes in addition, puts you at a two to even four times higher rate of risk to have at least one stroke. Those are not good odds. Those people with diabetes are also expected to have plaque built up in their arteries, which drops their blood flow significantly while escalating their risks of a clot complicating things and adding to long lasting damage. This awful diseases causes serious hardening of the arteries while increasing your risk of also dealing with heart attacks and or strokes, which are often associated with type II diabetes.

Type II Diabetes Long Lasting Nerve Pain

Over time, uncontrolled type II diabetes and high blood sugars make a sincere risk for serious nerve damage. These type II diabetes symptoms may involve tingling, numbness, or a stabbing pain, and a prickly sensation commonly in the fingers, hands, toes, and or feet. This type II diabetes damage is not reversible, but natural treatments may assist with your discomfort, pain, and numbness, while trying to handle your type II diabetes may assist in the prevention of long lasting damage.

Type II Diabetes and Long Lasting Kidney Damage

The longer you have the symptoms of type II diabetes, the higher your risk of getting a tenacious kidney disease with long lasting damage. Type II diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, responsible for at least half of all new cases. Controlling risk factors like uncontrolled type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol lessens your risk of developing complications. Even if you get an annual screening for type II diabetes, all types of problems, including kidney disease may not show up.

Type II Diabetes Long Lasting Feet Damage

Long lasting damage of the type II diabetes patient’s nerves may make it hard to feel your feet and detect injury. Simultaneously, with type II diabetes, a hardening of the patient’s arteries can result in reduced blood flow to the patient’s feet. Type II diabetes, Foot sores and even gangrene may show up, even from little injuries. In serious cases of type II diabetes, infections may go untreated, resulting in amputation directly caused by type II diabetes.