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Auto accident whiplash injuries Often Include Whiplash

Understanding Auto accident whiplash injuries

Your whiplash auto accident doctor of chiropractic at True Health Solutions of Lexington, will offer auto accident whiplash injuries rehabilitation treatment for your auto accident whiplash injuries that may have occurred to your neck, upper back, shoulder and more. At True Health Solutions of Lexington, Dr. Miller, your auto accident doctor of chiropractic, is highly trained to correctly diagnosis the different types of auto accident whiplash injuries and to then recommend specific and very gentle chiropractic corrective care procedures and treatment that have demonstrated a track record of stabilizing those auto accident whiplash injuries, including auto accident whiplash injuries rehabilitation for long-term stability and improved function.

Dr. Miller, your auto accident chiropractor will use amazing therapies and gentle corrective care type procedures of your spine or injured regions, to return you to a healthier state. Your auto accident chiropractor, Dr. Miller’s goal is to return his ‘auto accident whiplash injuries rehabilitation’ patients back to normal spinal mechanics along with relaxing the injured muscles and improving the normal functions and no longer suffering ‘auto accident pain’.

Your whiplash auto accident chiropractor, Dr. Miller is trained to evaluate your entire spine and all injured regions, for auto accident whiplash injuries and needs for rehabilitation. This chiropractic care evaluation will include your neck, mid back and the lower back. It is important to remember after your auto accident that just because your low back is hurting (or shoulder pain or leg pain), that the low back pain may be coming from somewhere else along your spine. It may be a special type of auto accident pain called ‘referred pain’. This special type of awhiplash uto accident pain starts in one area of injury and is ‘referred to another area’, thus is called ‘referred pain’.

Your auto accident chiropractor, Dr. Miller will examine you for tenderness, tightness, and how well each spinal joint moves. Your auto accident chiropractor, Dr. Miller will be able to determine a course of chiropractic care measures to restore your neck and back to optimal spinal health after your auto accident.

Do not be surprised if your auto accident chiropractor, Dr. Miller analyzes how you walk and also look at your overall posture and spinal alignment, even using computers for absolute accuracy, after your auto accident and periodically to check your progress.

Auto Accident Symptoms and Chiropractic Care Treatment

There are treatments that have been “scientifically and clinically” proven as effective for auto accident symptoms that your auto accident chiropractor, Dr. Miller will ask for you to do them at home. Just ask your auto accident chiropractor, Dr. Miller, before using them as they have been very helpful for thousands of other auto accident patients, but you need to be evaluated by Dr. Miller to ensure they are appropriate for you and your auto accident injuries.

Your auto accident chiropractor, Dr. Miller encourages early movement instead of immobilization for your corrective chiropractic care. Using ice may be one of the things you want to do when you get hurt, as it is very human to want to ice and to curl up in a ball in hopes all the pain and trauma will just go away. It was the last thing one patient wanted to do, but Dr. Miller was right as ice kept the auto accident pain and swelling down. Listening to a highly trained and experienced chiropractor, when you have a whiplash, truly is the best thing you can do. Follow Dr. Miller’s guidance and you will be amazed now and down the road at your recovery.

A patient who comes in from Lexington, Ky says ever since she started with Dr. Miller, she has lost over 23 lbs and has considerably more energy, although she had been under the care of an MD for over 7 years. She has referred several others from Lexington, Ky as she says.. “It’s so close to have my life saved!”

And others coming from Lexington, Ky. are all to happy to be able to find a doctor who can reverse the pain and poor health from whiplash injury pain, as well as, diabetes, hypothyroid, asthma & fibromyalgia and expressing the same thing.. “It’s so close for this life changing and life saving care!”

Other whiplash patients frequently drive from Lexington and from all over Kentucky, many of which are only about an hour to two away too. As so many of our patients say.. “It’s not to far to have my life saved!”

Your recovery will be especially poignant in the future, when you hear the horror stories of people who never got chiropractic corrective care for their whiplash injuries and twenty years later are told by their medical doctor their only option is to get neck or back surgery for unrelenting pain. No matter where you are with your injuries, take a moment to call True Health Solutions of Lexington, to make an appointment with Dr. Miller. He has many patients who will tell you how happy they are with their recovery from whiplash. See just some of these auto accident testimonials at, you’ll be so glad you did!