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Whiplash Symptoms Now and Later

Is it Possible to have Whiplash Symptoms Now and Later

Whiplash type injuries like headaches, neck and back pain are treated through specific chiropractic manipulation. Chiropractic manipulation, often called a chiropractic adjustment, works to increase joint mobility in the neck and back, reestablishing range of motion while lessening muscle spasms, which does help lessen the pressure and tension from your neck and back pain.

Should have Listened to my Chiropractor about my Whiplash Symptoms

“Ten years ago, I was in an auto accident which gave me a whiplash. The thing is, I never knew it was a big deal until years later. At the time, my chiropractor told me to make appointments for a while, but I stopped going when I started feeling better. What a mistake. I was young and thought I knew more than my chiropractor. For the next five years my neck would occasionally get stiff and lock up which lasted for about two weeks at a time, with neck pain, about twice a year. Recently, I started seeing Dr. Miller for that neck pain problem, which has stopped now so I feel much better. If Dr. Miller tells me I need to come in for routine visits, I believe it now. I learned the hard way to believe consistent chiropractic treatments will help me feel better, have more energy and even sleep better.”

Whether you have been in a serious auto accident, suffer from whiplash, headaches, neck pain, back pain, arthritis, joint pain, or just would like life to be better, in all likelihood, a chiropractor may help. When you or a loved one has suffered whiplash type injuries or other accident related injuries, it could be in your best interests to call a personal injury auto accident chiropractor today for an appointment.

Whiplash Treatments for your Injury

Treatment for whiplash type injuries could involve the use of physical therapy, a soft cervical collar, muscle relaxants, pain medications and/or heat treatments, some of which you could get from your chiropractor. If your symptoms continue and even get worse, on the other hand, additional tests could be essential to decide the degree of the injury. Surgery is seldom required unless a more severe complaint, is discovered.

When patients with any indication they are dealing with whiplash symptoms come to see Dr. Miller, at True Health Solutions of Lexington, they are treated to thorough examinations to make sure they have accurate diagnosis. It is at this point that true scientific options for treatment may be put into a personalized whiplash treatment program.

Whiplash is common in auto accidents, because muscles do not have enough time during impact, to brace. Personal injury cases of whiplash are the consequence of strain or sprained or torn of ligaments in your neck. The muscles in your neck normally spasm as a protective response after an injury has happened. What this can do is cause your back to misalign, irritating nerves, thereby limiting your body’s ability to heal by itself.

Over time your neck area becomes weaker, subject to re-injury and increase symptoms. If not properly treated, scar tissue may form which is weaker than your soft tissue in the area. This in turn may reduce motion and is more sensitive to pain and stress and harder to treat. Pain, muscle weakness, spasm, or an uncomfortable sensation symptom from a whiplash injury are quite common. Other symptoms of whiplash might be a stiff and or painful neck, shoulders upper back, or even headaches.

These whiplash symptoms might run down through your arms, hands, fingers or present as a muscle tingling or grip weakness. Other whiplash symptoms may include sleep disorders, balance difficulty, memory problems, dizziness, vision issues, and vertigo.

Is Type 2 Diabetes Serious?

Yes, Type 2 Diabetes is Serious

Type 2 Diabetes is an illness where blood glucose ranges are above normal. When food is eaten, it is turned into glucose, which is the body’s usable form of sugar, so your bodies could utilize it for energy. The pancreas produces a hormone called insulin to assist glucose to get into your cells. Diabetics either do not produce sufficient insulin or could not utilize insulin well, at all. This makes sugar percentages to increase in your blood.

What Produces Severe Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms?

Type 2 Diabetes could cause severe health complications consisting of kidney failure, heart illness, and amputations. According to the Centers for Illness Control, Type 2 Diabetes is the number seven cause of death in America.

How Natural Treatment And Or Chiropractic Care Could Assist Type 2 Diabetes

A recent study showed that natural treatment, when utilized in conjunction with and or chiropractic care from a chiropractor, could assist in the treatment of adult onset Type 2 Diabetes. Additionally, with the natural treatment and or chiropractic care, the patient also got a nutritional program and exercise guidance.

Another problem with Type 2 Diabetes is it could affect the muscular and skeletal issues in your feet and lower extremities, and natural treatment and or chiropractic care could assist in restoring proper motion, reestablishing your nerve flow to all these areas. This could assist with preventing diabetic foot or nerve damage which could cause you to lose feeling in your foot and even lead to amputation.

Other Ways to Assist Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

In addition to natural treatment and or chiropractic care, there are other natural methods you could utilize which can assist in slashing your risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes. Another study disclosed when men lifted weights for thirty minutes a day, five times a week, they decrease their risks of developing Type 2 Type 2 Diabetes by as much as 34 percent. Male study applicants reduced their risks by as much as 59 percent when strength training was added with their aerobic exercise. With a respectable health regiment and consistent trips to your chiropractor, you could assist fight Type 2 Diabetes naturally, without any drugs. You do not have to suffer through all the drug risks and side effects any more if you work with Dr. Miller.

Natural Treatment And Or Chiropractic Care Can Assist Lessen Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Type 2 Diabetes in the America is an absolute epidemic. There are 25.8 million diabetic sufferers, which is nearing 10 percent of the population, who are all dealing with the same illness as you or your loved one and concerned about the same issues. But for many, there is hope in the form of natural treatment. Natural treatment and or chiropractic care, along with nutritional and exercise guidance, could assist diabetics in managing many of their symptoms without using any types of drugs. This is tremendous news, bearing in mind, treating Type 2 Diabetes orthodoxly has an inclusive health cost of approximately $200 billion every year in America.

Natural Treatments and Type 2 Diabetes

Learn about Natural Treatments and Type 2 Diabetes

After one month of being on Dr. Miller’s program, the type 2 diabetes patient’s glucose blood level and urine ranges were normal and stayed stable. Even her medical doctor said she did not require insulin any more as her diabetic issue changed. She was able to basically wean herself off all of her prescription drugs completely, under the supervision of both Dr. Miller and the patient’s medical doctor. This patient has also lost significant excess weight, which delighted her, as she had been unable to accomplish that, previously.

The Connection between Type 2 Diabetes Blood Sugar and the Spine

The prospect for effective and efficient natural treatment and chiropractic care to support people with type 2 diabetes is an exciting up and coming range of current research, and it is an essential and significant one, due to the high incidence of this debilitating and even deadly disease in the United States. About one third of all men in the United States and two out of every fifth American women born in the year 2000 will experience type 2 diabetes personally in their lives.

Research, in process, points to compelling evidence that natural treatment and chiropractic care can be a valuable support to an effective wellness protocol that supports those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the fifth most deadly disease in the America and is fast becoming a developing epidemic across the world, so support is badly needed!

At first it may be difficult to see how type 2 diabetes and chiropractic can be connected, as it is not the traditional treatment protocol. You may wonder what exactly your back has to do with your blood sugar is an excellent question, but it there is a natural solution, you owe it to your body to try it. It may be easier to understand this concept if it is explained in terms of how electricity flows in your home. If you interfere with the electric current flowing through the electrical wires to your appliances or various areas of your house, you will lose the normal functions of your lights, heater, appliances and it may even catch on fire.

If your nerve supplies from your upper neck or your mid back, which are your two areas supplying your pancreas, are disturbed or interrupted, the function of your pancreatic suffers. Without good strong nerve energy flow, your pancreas may lose its capability to make enzymes to break down the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates from your food and drinks, or perhaps to produce your insulin, or all of the above. Your blood sugar and your digestion become unstable, which can result in getting either type 2 diabetes or suffering with hypoglycemia.

Studies Suggest a Chiropractic-Spine-Nerve-Blood Sugar Connection Affecting Type 2 Diabetes Sufferers

A recent study demonstrated the encouraging effects of chiropractic when utilized as part of an integrative natural treatment program for adult onset type 2 diabetes. Along with natural treatment and chiropractic care, the patient also received nutritional and exercise guidance. After one month of being on a natural treatment and chiropractic care program, the patient’s glucose blood and urine levels normalized and remained stable. Her medical doctor, who monitored her progress, agreed she would not need insulin if her type 2 diabetes condition remained stable.

Car Accident can cause Personal Injuries of All Kinds

Car Accident can cause Personal Injuries

Directly after a devastating car accident, soft tissue injury, inflammation, and neck and back pain, starts quite gradually.  As the inflammation changes, it increases internal pressure in the joints, which is responsible for them getting stiff.  Usually, inflammation after a whiplash accident, peaks seventy two hours after a devastating car accident.  This clarifies why your neck hurts the most some hours after your devastating car accident, instead of directly after a devastating car accident.

Devastating Car Accident Injuries can cause Neck and Back Pain and Whiplash

It is essential to know that neck and back pain can occur from even low velocity accidents.  The reason is that the kinetic force of a devastating car is quite high, even at five miles per hour, due to the great mass of the devastating car. This energy is transferred to the occupants of the devastating car and is actually more violent if the devastating cars do not dent, which is frequently the case in low impact accidents. Consequently, even in a low-impact devastating car accident can be plenty to cause neck and back pain. It is wise to get checked immediately to make sure problems do not change later on.

Even if you do not have any obvious or immediate symptoms after a devastating car accident, I would recommend that you visit a chiropractor who specializes in devastating car injury recovery as soon as possible.  First an examination of the seriousness of your whiplash injury and neck to shoulder injuries has to be made. Your chiropractor will do an initial exam to evaluate the degree of injury and that examination may well include x-rays.  When your injury is discovered to be whiplash related, your chiropractor can start a number of chiropractic treatments to get your strength, functionality and mobility back.

A Whiplash Headache is a Likely Result of a Car Accident

Headaches with neck and back pain injury is common. A whiplash headache can frequently outweigh your neck pain in terms of relentlessness, mostly in the early weeks after injury. Nearly two thirds of whiplash injury sufferers have headaches. About half of those who change headaches after neck and back pain injuries feel the pain in the back of their head, another third get headaches all over their heads and a small number feel headaches in their foreheads or behind their eyes.

Some people tend to pay no attention to their pain and keep going with a neck to shoulder injury, which only exacerbates the issue, and might conceivably produce more issues. People additionally, might underrate the degree of their injury, due to solid pain, weakness in the arm, or when their joint motion is restricted which will become nearly second nature to them.

Neck pain shoulder pain affects many people at some time in their lives. It comes in many forms, from neck pain shoulder pain, painful rotator cuff injuries to neck pain. Neck pain shoulder pain from a neck to shoulder injury is not a diagnosis — it’s a symptom of an underlying issue. Common neck pain shoulder pain from a neck to shoulder injury produces include nerve issues, osteoarthritis, painful rotator cuff injuries and muscular issues. Many people find relief from neck pain shoulder pain from a neck to shoulder injury through chiropractic treatments. We combine chiropractic treatments with exercise and physical therapy to ensure a lasting result.

Whiplash Injury Pain Requiring Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care is common for Whiplash Injury

Whiplash injuries pain requiring chiropractic care are common injuries which one may get in a personal injury accident. Occasionally the personal injury accident victim is not aware of the seriousness of their injuries until long after the personal injury accident occurred. Slip and fall and trip and fall personal injury accidents and motor vehicle personal injury accidents are two of the most common types of personal injury accidents which cause whiplash injuries pain requiring chiropractic care. Whatever the cause, personal injury chiropractors, who are additionally slip and fall and trip and fall chiropractors, may assist you with your injuries. People who get a whiplash pain may experience debilitating neck pain and other pain which affects their neck, arms, shoulders, and back. The neck pain and other pain might be so bad, the injured victim is laid up and incapable of working. Your usual daily life and even your established quality of life may be changed forever, because of a whiplash injury pain.

What Causes a Whiplash Injury Pain?

A whiplash injury pain is caused by the abrupt and vicious jerking of your head and neck, as it whips backwards and forwards beyond the usual range of motion, because of a shuddering effect from behind. Being rear ended while waiting at a stop light is one instance of the sort of personal injury accident which will cause a personal injury whiplash injury pain. Both the motorist and their passenger may get this type of personal injury when hit from behind. Every soft tissue muscle in your sore neck is injured, including your neck, shoulder tendons and ligaments.Treatments for Whiplash Injury PainThe wise treatments for this type of personal injury depends on your injury severity. Occasionally a neck brace is to be worn for a time and the injured victim is to stay in bed for a few days. Anti-inflammatory medication may be prescribed along with neck pain and other pain medication. Some chiropractors advise heat and ice therapies to assist with reducing inflammation and swelling, too. Injured victims might additionally be prescribed physical therapy to treat their whiplash injuries. A wise injured victim may additionally turn to a personal injury trained chiropractor for treatment for whiplash injury pain.

Whiplash Injury Pain Complications

The seriousness of a personal injury whiplash injury pain might not show up until long after the personal injury accident. The injured victim might develop muscle spasms and neck pain and other pain which hinders their daily activities. When the upper back and neck are involved the neck pain and other pain might grow worse over time. Some people who have gotten this type of personal injury might have to endure chronic neck pain and other pain the neck area for the rest of their lives. If the personal injury is really severe, the injured victim might experience spinal cord damage. Arthritis in the cervical area might additionally develop over time. Victims have additionally experience horrendous whiplash headaches and nerve damage as the result of a whiplash injury pain.

Chiropractor Explains Whiplash Injury Pain Symptoms and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care for Whiplash Injury Pain Symptoms

Whiplash injury pain symptoms vary depending on the personal injury. Why whiplash injury pain symptoms may vary is because of the effects of the motor vehicle personal injury accident personal injury and all the various organs involved. Whiplash injury pain symptoms mostly involve the bones, joints and ligaments of the spine. Damage to different body part might involve different whiplash injury pain symptoms.

Whiplash Personal injury and Whiplash Headache Therapy

Whiplash injury pain symptoms from spinal vertebra and muscle personal injury include: abrupt neck pain and other pain with increased with activity. Whiplash injury pain symptoms to the spinal disc include neck pain and other pain with coughing or sneezing. Whiplash injury pain symptoms to peripheral nerves include burning neck pain and other pain with muscle weakness. Whiplash injury pain symptoms to the brain include blurred vision and ringing in ears.

How Chiropractic Adjustments Relieve Whiplash Headaches

A personal injury whiplash injury pain may result in multiple symptoms including whiplash headaches. At Dr. Miller’s chiropractic office, your examination will determine what is causing your whiplash injury pain symptoms and offer therapy to minimize your symptoms.

Therapies to Relieve Whiplash Headaches

  1. Most Common Cause of Stress Headaches that Makes Whiplash Worse

What are some of the most common causes of stress induced whiplash headaches? First thing may be some major trauma such as a motor vehicle crash, some type of a sports personal injury. Which may affect the musculature around the neck, the actual joints themselves.

The other thing would be minor trauma, minor traumas are from things which are repetitive or prolonged such as:

Constantly moving your head during a tennis match

Prolonged sitting at the computer for too long

Cradling a phone between the head and shoulders placing a stress on your ligaments create joint pressure.

All these things may cause and lead to misalignment in the spine and those misalignment’s may start to irritate nerve roots.  The muscles attach to those vertebrae so when they shift out of alignment, it’ll cause stress, strain and tension to those muscles and joints and cause whiplash headaches.

  1. How Chiropractic Adjustments Relieve Whiplash Headaches

How do spinal adjustments assist with whiplash headaches? The chiropractic adjustment locates the misaligned vertebra and we align which vertebra and take pressure off of which joint.

This will additionally assist to relax muscles, take pressure off nerves, and off the joints allowing the joint to function usual and allow the body to heal.

  1. Therapies to Relieve Whiplash Headaches

These are a few of the therapies Dr. Miller has found to consistently relieve whiplash headache neck pain and other pain.

Electrical muscle stimulation: Mild electrical current to relieve muscle tension and spasms.

Inferential current therapy: Mild electrical nerve block to sedate the neck pain and other pain fibers relieving whiplash headache neck pain and other pain.

Dr. Miller focuses on your treatment of neck pain and other pain relief of whiplash headaches, back pain, disc injuries, and whiplash injury pain.

Does Dr. Miller Know a Special Way to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

There is no doubt about it that people die from type II type 2 diabetes. “I figured I would be dead by now. My type II type 2 diabetes made it so hard for him to walk that I could barely get around my house. I have been depressed at my diagnosis, feeling worthless and hopeless. Now, with Dr. Miller’s program, I have lost 35 pounds and am off most of my heart and cholesterol medication and expect to be off all my insulin soon. I have decreased how much I take in a day, already. My medical doctor is stunned, as he has not seen anyone get better from type 2 diabetes treatment before.”

“My sister told me about a doctor in Kentucky who had a program for people like me. I live in Ohio, but after thinking about it for a while thought I would check it out. I just started going to Dr. Miller and already feel better and am seeing results. I believe we can reverse my disease.”

My Type 2 Diabetes is Leaving for Good!

“It has been five months and well worth the effort I have made to follow Dr. Miller’s program. I am 66 years young and no I am 40 pounds lighter. At this point, I have stopped taking all of my insulin and my medications for my underactive thyroid and my high blood pressure. I retired early because of my condition and now I am wondering if I could go back to work, at least in my garden! I feel so alive, like I haven’t felt since I was a child!”

“I ran into an old friend of mine last January and could not believe how good he looked. I said he no longer a type 2 diabetes sufferer! How could that be? Don’t you get type 2 diabetes and wait to die from it? I told my brother that he should try it to see if it really was what did the trick for my friend, before I tried it. I have lost 15 pounds in the last 2 months since I started Dr. Miller’s program and I wish I hadn’t waited so long to start!”

You can get Real Help with your Type 2 Diabetes

Another patient said he and his wife were crossing their fingers that this cutting edge program would work for them as they did not want to spend their remaining years together going to doctors. Like many others, they wondered why the surge in type 2 diabetes and if there were some flaws in how traditional medicine treated type 2 diabetes when people do not get better to the point of beating the disease. Their medical treatments consisted of medication and being told they needed to eat better and get some exercise. But no one told them how to do either effectively. They found they continued to gain weight which made exercise very difficult and disheartening. This husband and wife came together so they could work together and support each other, as we find many other patients doing. Brothers and sisters, parents and adult children, friends and married couples all supporting each other in improving their health. We are seeing some amazing results that are really making a difference in the lives of people who use this program for type 2 diabetes care.

Personal Injury Chiropractic and Insurance

Personal Injury Chiropractic

When you are hurt in a motor vehicle accident, the last thing you want to hear is that your insurance can not cover your medical treatment, or that you cannot experience instant relief from your personal injury pain. Though this is exactly what can happen and is why many people retain and follow the advice of their personal injury attorney. Many personal injury attorneys refer their personal injury clients to an experienced personal injury chiropractor for those two reasons: insurance companies will pay for chiropractic services, and you can get immediate relief from your personal injury pain after even your first visit.

The Role of Dr. Miller with your Personal Injury

The role of Dr. Miller as a Personal Injury Chiropractic expert in your personal injury case can seem easy but he can provide timely reports for your personal injury attorney, if needed, giving your attorney the necessary material needed on a consistent basis about your personal injury, and any progress you are having, as well as Dr. Miller’s prognosis for your recovery and any lasting effects expected to remain after your chiropractic treatment period is completed.

Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Chiropractic Services

Early on, when your personal injury pain is the worst, you can expect see Dr. Miller a few times a week. As your personal injury pain begins to improve, and your other personal injuries improve, chiropractic visits can be as little as once a month and ultimately, you will not need chiropractic treatments for your particular personal injury completely. While it is highly prudent to continue to have chiropractic adjustments occasionally to maintain your health, it cannot be a condition for your personal injury case to settle.

Motor Vehicle Accident Related Injuries

Dr. Miller has been assisting people with personal injury back pain, neck pain, other problems, and has assisted relieve personal injury pain for people suffering personal injuries, mainly from motor vehicle accidents and works closely with many local medical doctors for the benefit of Dr. Miller’s personal injury patients.

One Type of Personal Injury is being a Whiplash Victim

“I have gone to see Dr. Miller for two different motor vehicle accidents in the last three years. The first time was for a whiplash and stiff neck due to a motor vehicle accident. The last one, which I am still getting chiropractic treatments for, is for bruising on my left shoulder and low back because of a work related personal injury. I came back to Dr. Miller because he assisted me so much with my car wreck. Dr. Miller is the best! I am currently improving and healing well just as I did before. Dr. Miller is an excellent chiropractor, who uses the right therapies for my injuries and has a great friendly staff, too!”

Dr. Miller through Personal Injury Chiropractic treats many of the ailments of a motor vehicle personal injury including whiplash, sprains and strains, shoulder and neck personal injury pain, headaches, numbness, dizziness and vertigo, lower back personal injury pain, personal injury pain in legs or arms and car seatbelt personal injury.

For People who suffer with Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes Assistance

Type 2 diabetes assistance is now available, because this new type 2 diabetes method to improving type 2 diabetes by stopping and correcting the symptoms of the type 2 diabetes condition course is here in Lexington, Kentucky and is making the lives of people with type 2 diabetes better, working with dr. miller.

Exciting News for Type 2 Diabetes Working with Dr. Miller

Actually, most of our type II diabetes sufferers as they start to get well and their blood sugar levels function correctly, they end up getting off of most or all of their type II diabetes medications, in addition to, most or all of their supplementary medications they are on.

Naturally, we do not take them off prescription medications. Their other traditional doctor, who put them on medications, takes them off prescription medications because our patients just do not need them anymore because their type II diabetes is resolved.  Their follow-up type II diabetes lab test results confirm just how well they are actually doing with their type II diabetes. Our unique, individual type II diabetes program of treatment is changing and improving lives because it really works.

The New Type II Diabetes Breakthrough Treatment Working with Dr. Miller

Many type II diabetes physicians test for blood sugar levels and A1C levels and actually nothing else, we have deliberately included an integrative type II diabetes lab testing method, which is based on the most advanced type II diabetes and dietary research going into depth not seen before with type II diabetes. Then the thorough findings are utilized to individually adapt and modify a type II diabetes care plan for each type II diabetes patient based on his or her own fundamental type II diabetes conditions.  The type II diabetes results are simply amazing, to extraordinary in most all type 2 diabetes cases.

Dr. Miller gets remarkable, amazing, extraordinary type 2 diabetes results. Type 2 diabetes results giving people just like you, your healthy life back. Real results the previous diabetes conventional treatment could not produce.  There are some type 2 diabetes success stories from many, many people, using our remarkable diabetes program to reverse their type 2 diabetes.

Most of our type 2 diabetes sufferers come the city of Lexington, Kentucky with most others being referred from other diabetes sufferers in the Lexington, Kentucky area. and those type 2 diabetes sufferers coming from Lexington, Kentucky, or those coming from an hour up to three hours from Lexington, Kentucky, are all too happy to be able to find a type 2 diabetes traditional doctor in Lexington, Kentucky who could reverse the conditions of type 2 diabetes poor health from type 2 diabetes, expressing the same thing Lexington, Kentucky is not too far to drive for this type 2 diabetes life changing and lifesaving treatment.

For people who suffer with type 2 diabetes, Lexington, Kentucky is not too far to drive to get your health reestablished and your life back. Most of our type 2 diabetes sufferers come from Lexington, Kentucky, and from the towns and cities framing Lexington, Kentucky.  Lexington, Kentucky is a great city and is centrally situated with easy access for type 2 diabetes sufferers.

Suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS Symptoms

Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS Symptoms

Irritable bowel syndrome assistance is available by working with Dr. Miller.  This new irritable bowel syndrome method for getting relief from irritable bowel syndrome. It works by evaluating the symptoms of the irritable bowel syndrome condition, then stopping and correcting the course of IBS. This method is in Lexington Kentucky and improving the health and daily lives of people with irritable bowel syndrome who are working with Dr. Miller.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Program

Essentially, most irritable bowel syndrome sufferers start to get well quickly and their body starts to function correctly. Those who follow Dr. Miller’s program, get off irritable bowel syndrome medicines, as well as, most or all of their other medications across the board. Those suffering with irritable bowel syndrome also tend to have other issues, like high blood pressure, low blood sugar, type 2 diabetes, neuropathy and more.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Questions to Ask

Quickly after you have been eating do you immediately feel gassy and bloated becoming constipated or do you find yourself making numerous trips to the bathroom?

If you live with any of these uncomfortable symptoms for three or more days every month for over three months in a row or even more, you can be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, additionally known as IBS.

It is estimated that irritable bowel syndrome afflicts one in six adults, particularly women, and it is the most common intestinal issue seen by gastroenterologists. No two cases of irritable bowel syndrome are identical; what bothers one person’s GI tract cannot bother another’s the same way. And food cannot be the only culprit; caffeine, stress and anxiety could worsen irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, too.

There is no cure for irritable bowel syndrome, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in discomfort. Changes in diet could go a long way to bring lasting relief.

Keep Irritable Bowel Syndrome Simple

If you have not got a clue as to what is prompting your irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, you may want to reconsider what you are putting in your mouth.  Eating highly seasoned dishes with mixed foods make it very hard to isolate which foods are giving you trouble, when basic foods give you a nice, neutral baseline. Then you could add a food or ingredient periodically to see what is an issue. Dr. Miller has an easier program for you though.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Eating Tips

Large meals could devastate your body systems, causing abdominal cramps, feeling like you are bloated and other symptoms like diarrhea. You can try to cut to smaller portions or eat smaller meals throughout your day, as others have tried. Greasy, heavy, foods high in fat are not healthy for you or anyone else, but when you add irritable bowel syndrome into the mix you can feel horrible. You can feel nauseated and queasy after a fatty meal or snack. Dr. Miller has options within his program to help you feel vigorous and healthier again.

For those people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, Lexington, Kentucky is a close drive for relief and to get your life back again. Most of our irritable bowel syndrome sufferers come to us from towns all around Lexington, Kentucky and from the city itself.  Lexington Kentucky is a terrific city, centrally located for getting relief for irritable bowel syndrome sufferers.