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Asthma Attack Causes

Asthma and dealing with Asthma.

Asthma is a persistent, disease of inflammation, where the airways develop sensitivity to available allergens, which are any substances triggering allergic reactions and asthma. Quite a few things take place in the airways when somebody is exposed to certain triggers, the airway linings become inflamed and swollen, the muscles surrounding the airways tighten, and the mucus production increases, leading to uncomfortable mucus plugs and asthma. Every single one of these factors, cause narrowing of the airways, which makes it hard for air to get in and out of lungs, and all this causes asthma symptoms and asthma.

What are the symptoms of asthma?

Asthma may look like respiratory issues, like emphysema, bronchitis, and lower respiratory infections. It is often under diagnosed and many people with the disease do not know they have it. Sometimes, the only symptom is a chronic cough, especially at night, or coughing or wheezing that occurs only with exercise. Some people think they have recurrent bronchitis, since respiratory infections usually settle in the chest in somebody predisposed to asthma.

What causes Asthma Attacks?

The exact cause of asthma is not completely known. It is thought to be partly hereditary, except it additionally involves a lot of other infectious, environmental, and chemical conditions. Once somebody is exposed to certain triggers, their body will release histamine and other causes that may cause swelling in the airways. Their bodies also release other factors causing airways muscles to tighten, and get smaller. There is additionally a mucus production increase that clogs airways  and asthma symptoms start.

Some people have asthma caused by varying types and activity levels of exercise, which is not necessarily a good reason not to exercise. Asthma attacks and symptoms may occur while exercising, or soon after. Everybody has special triggers causing asthma symptoms to get worse. This is something to discuss this with you Dr. Miller at True Health Solutions of Lexington.

The changes that happen with asthma symptoms are thought to occur in two stages. There is an instant response to triggers leading to inflammation and tightening of airways, making it hard to breathe. Then there is what can happen later which is hours after exposure to allergens, leading to additional swelling of the airways and difficulty with airflow.

There are Risk Factors

Risk factors are anything increasing somebody’s chances of getting a disease in the first place. It may be some kind of activity, family history, diet, or a lot of added effects. Special diseases have diverse risk factors. Even though these factors may increase somebody’s risk, they do not essentially affect the disease. For instance, some people, with several risk factors may never develop asthma attacks, while others develop asthma attacks and have zero known risk factors. Being aware of your risk factors to disease, may assist guiding you to appropriate treatments, including changing your behaviors, being seen by Dr. Miller and being professionally watched for the disease.

When asthma patients have any indication they are dealing with asthma symptoms, come to see Dr. Miller, at True Health Solutions of Lexington, they are given thorough examinations. It is at this time, accurate scientific options for their treatment may be put in an asthma treatment program.